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Age: 17


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Elation

Sailing Date: March 20th, 2005

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

Ok, this review is from a teenagers prospective. I am 17, and this was my first cruise. I traveled with 3 of my friends, and two of our moms. Here are some things I wish I had known before I went.

First things first. I live in Dallas and we drove down to Galveston on the day before we boarded the cruise. Driving went well and we stayed at the La Quinta in Galveston. The hotel was fine, and we enjoyed the breakfast the next morning. We took a small van cab to the port the following morning. This worked out well; make sure you call and reserve a cab. They met us right outside our hotel exactly on time. We drove to the terminal, and checked our bags. Make sure you have small bills to tip the bag guys with. We walked into the terminal and went right up to the check in lady. There was no line what so ever. Very easy. They said we were early and thats why it was so easy. Everyone was very helpful. We did our fun passes early so we had no problems checking in. We sat in the terminal for about 30 minutes and then we got on the ship. Super easy.

Once we got on the ship, we had some lunch in Tiffanies. It was good and we were really hungry. After lunch we were very anxious to look around the ship. We were shocked at the size of the pools. They were practically nonexistent. That was something that was very important to us, and we were very disappointed. There was no place to cool off. There are 3 pools, all the size of standard above ground pools. We didn't go in any of them the whole trip. Very disappointing.

A word about alcoholic drinks...if you are under 21 you cannot buy alcoholic drinks on the ship. Of course there is always a way to get around the rules. If you buy the "frou frou" drinks from the guys coming around to you, then they don't check your id. They just take your card number and walk away. But do not try to go to the bar and order one, because it wont work.

A little later we went to our rooms. The four of us girls in one cabin and the two moms in another. The cabins were really nice for a cruise ship. Everything was clean and in order. We did have some dirty towels in our room, but our room steward took care of them for us. Our room steward was amazing. His name was Ludimel. Everyday he cleaned our room, and our bathroom, turned down our beds, gave us ice and fresh towels. He was great. On the last day he was really sick, and he still was so sweet to us. We each gave him an extra 5$ because they work VERY hard and deserve it.

After that we did the life boat drill. It was tedious, but necessary. It didn't take that long. Our bags got to our rooms around 6ish maybe. We went to dinner in our same clothes though. We had late seating in the Imagination. We liked it alot. It wasn't what I expected but it was still nice. It was actually very casual. I expected it to be fancier. No "real" dress code. If you have little kids, go to the early dinner. All the kids in our dinner were falling asleep. Oh yea, they also had really bad music choices...not dinner music. Overall we were impressed with the dinners. My advice to you is, check the menu earlier in the day and decide whether it is important to go or not. There was a couple of nights where we just didn't appreciate the dinner selections and weren't that hungry anyways.

The food in Tiffany's is mostly good. I ate alot of salads, and sandwiches. Very good. I would say that you should stay away from the Mexican night, it looked pretty gross...but thats my opinion. Pizza was amazing, and the desserts were really good.

The ports were all great. I have alot of things to say about them. Too much really, so e-mail me if you have any questions. We shopped and went to the beach in Progresso. We went on the Catamerian Snorkel and beach party tour thing in Cozumel, and it was really fun. I would recommend that. But if you have ever done any really good snorkeling, then don't expect much from this. We booked this through the tour. After the tour we went to Senior Frogs. That was a blast. No id checking, just pure fun. Def a must. In belize we did the cave tubing. That was really cool. We booked with Reggie tours and got a really good price. The were really nice and we were very happy with that decision. Again, please e-mail me if you have any questions about anything.

Lets see...all the sea days were fine. Uneventful really.

The shows at night were not very good. Except for one adult comedian show. It was hilarious! Funniest thing I have seen in a while. If you are offended easily, skip this one. Lots of crude jokes and drunk people. It was great fun.

Well thats really all I can think of right now...if you think of anything e-mail me. Hope this helps! I would def go on this cruise again.

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