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Richard Sutliffe

Age: 60

Occupation:Self Employed

Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Fantasy

Sailing Date: 10-13-2008

Itinerary: Mexico

The only good thing to say about this cruise ship was the crew was great and the beds comfortable. I went out on a 5 day cruise on Oct 4-9, 2008 and there was a septic tank smell in the hallway all 5 days. I never got an explanation of why. The cruse started off poorly when the embarkation computers stopped working adding an hour to our wait to get on the ship. Then the ship was delayed 8 hours from leaving port, once again no good explanation for this. We were supposed to leave at 4PM and left at midnight. The food in the dining room was average to poor and I left many entrees uneaten. The food outside of the dining room was tedious and of average quality. Cold beer was hit and miss with most beer (bottles) warm. People were buying 3-4 at a time with a bucket of ice so they could have a cold beer. The room was adequate and the bed was comfortable, no small matter since the last Carnival cruise I was no had aluminum cots for beds and I had a back ache for a week. The room was cold and only comfortable when the sun shined in the windows. The fee for using the electronic poker table (rake) was exorbitant at 12% and even raked when no flop was seen! The variety of food outlets was smaller than the last Carnival cruise ship I was on and this added to the lack of variety. Common area bathrooms were small to ridiculous. The ship rolled from side to side even in calm seas and sometimes the water would cascade from the pool on to the deck. This is an older ship with recent renovations, but I don't believe it has stabilizing fins like the newer ships so this is what you get. The rolling was not crazy, but annoying and fairly constant. Oh, there was a fire on deck three while in Cozumel, Mexico delaying those wanting to re-board the ship and making those in the cabins wait up on deck until under control. Once again no explanation for this, for all I know the ships engines were on fire, a rumor going around at the time.

So bad that many didn't show up for meals. At our table of 8 only 1 showed up for dinner the last time I went. I sent back 3 entrees back at 4 meals. The "tiger shrimp" was a joke being 1/3 the size of normal tiger shrimp, served as an appetizer. The veal was very poor quality and could not be eaten. The pork chops were bland and tasteless. Although I didn't go for the dress up meal of lobster it got mixed reviews from the people I spoke to. The chateaubriand was very good, but 1 out of 4 is not. Soups were generally average to good and the French onion soup was better than most.

The stateroom was adequate for 2, but was constantly cold. The adjustment for air has a cold to colder setting, but not one for warm. The bed was surprisingly comfortable. The lack of electrical outlets was a pain. There was one in the stateroom and one in the bathroom. Each outlet was a duplex with one 120v and one 220v outlet so you had effectively 2 plugs in the whole room. We were constantly changing out iPod and cell phone chargers with the one outlet in the room. The one in the bath room was high up and meant for shaving.

The comedian was said to be good, but I didn't hear him, the ventriloquist was not funny.
Stay off this boat!

Mexico was nice, but Progresso is out in the weeds and you need a cab to go shopping.

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