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Age: 48


Number of Cruises: 7

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Fantasy

Sailing Date: 2011-09-16

Itinerary: Bermuda

The room stewards and restaurant and Lido wait staff were all terrific. The overall cruise experience was annoying. The whole ship is not very handicapped accessible. There are not very many places to sit quietly outside - lots of empty deck space, but no chairs to sit on. The "Serenity" deck was hot, crowded and played loud music - old people's music, but loud. The ship seems to be falling apart - I got stuck in a bathroom stall outside one of the bars - the doorknob came right off in my hand - I checked the door 3 days later and there was still no doorknob - I gave the broken doorknob to the head of housekeeping. The food was mediocre. The maitre'd was rude and unhelpful. The shoe atmosphere seems to be focused on getting as much money out of people as possible - there was nothing to do at night - a a 7 day cruise, there were 3 shows. It seems as though they thought if there was nothing to do, everyone would gamble and drink.

I have always like Carnival's food, but not this time. It was mediocre. I also did not like the food themes - If you don't care for Mexican, you're out of luck for that lunch. I like having the hot dogs and hamburgers as an option, but 1 or 2 of those goes a long way. And the pizza was awful!!

It was fine - once I rearranged the furniture - the standard layout of parallel twin beds left absolutely no room - I was told that was the only arrangement possible (aside from putting them together). I moved them myself into an L shape, leaving the whole center of the room open. The bathrooms and rooms could use some hooks - they want you to reuse the towels, but there is nowhere to put them to dry. Nowhere to hang your clothes while you shower.

I thought they were dreadful. There was nothing to do after dinner when there was no show - and there were only 3 shows during the whole 7 day trip. No movies - nothing!! Stupid - really stupid - games played where people make fools of themselves while others stand around and watch. Nothing funny about them - and I laugh pretty easily.

The ship excursions are far too expensive. This Bermuda trip was a waste of time - we got there at 4:00 on Sat afternoon and left 24 hours later - not enoguh time to do anything on Sat. afternoon and nothing is open on Sunday in Bermuda. The public transportation system in Bermuda is great and we found it to be the best way to see the sights. $12 for a whole day ticket for the buses and ferries - great deal.

It was pretty bad - the cabin could not fit a small walker through the door - it had to be folded up each time and carried through the room - not easy to do when you need the walker to walk. The room fan control is in the ceiling - far to high for my companion to reach - she was freezing. Handicapped access to the Serenity deck was severely limited - could only be reached by going through one of the lounges - when the art auction was held there, we got stuck outside and they wouldn't let us go through to leave. The Serenity deck was loud (music) and hot. Not enough shade or seating - too small an area altogether.

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