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Age: 31

Occupation:Information Technology

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Fascination

Sailing Date: 2010-10-7

Itinerary: Bahamas

Good first cruise with friends. I'd do it again now that I've got a cruise under my belt. It was definitely a learning experience.

As far as the Lido deck is concerned, the food was plentiful, but the lines were ridiculous and seating was really limited. The best thing on the ship was the Mongolian BBQ. But they were only open for a few hours each day. The pizza was good for late night snacking. Otherwise, the food was unremarkable and forgettable.

Room service food was about the same.

The main dining room was nice. We were in the back dining room which I think was called the "Imagination" dining room (the other one is the "Sensation"). The seating arrangement for our group got mixed up with another group and we were half sat the first night with a group that didn't have any interest in talking to us. That was fixed the second night. Our wait staff were great. Indra and Noel were really stellar, remembered our names and treated us like royalty. They saved us from ordering the wrong thing on several occasions. The one time I did order the wrong thing, it was really bland and horrible.

The drinks were overpriced but that's to be expected. Best bang for the buck were the mojitos, which were perfectly made, but pricey. If you're more of a beer drinker, don't. Just don't. If you must, get the import beers! They're a full dollar cheaper than the domestics (though they're 12 Oz instead of 16 Oz, you're just drinking better beer!)

Our stateroom was really comfortable. A bit of engine noise because we were on the "Riviera" deck. But not at all bad. The beds were extremely comfortable and it was definitely worth the extra money for a portal. The Stateroom steward was great, and the stateroom staff were really thoughtful and courteous. I swear, they never stopped cleaning rooms and I think our stateroom was cleaned three times a day. The towel animals at bed turndown were a nice touch. The bathroom was small, but that's to be expected. Mind the water temperature and don't ignore that sign on the wall.

To be honest, there was a lot going on, but it never seemed like enough. We had a rather rocky trip due to some inclement weather. So a lot of the Lido deck parties were canceled. I can't comment on the comedy show. Because I've heard from so many people that it's "eh" that I just skipped it. Activities seemed to be geared towards the older set. Younger set just sorta laid out on the deck getting sun by the really small pool. God help you if you don't get out early and reserve some chairs. The water-slide was a riot for the members of our group that went on it. The casino was fun to an extent as long as you played table games and no the slots. The dealers were all really nice and fun to play with. A few even gave advice at times to new guys if you managed to catch an empty table. The disco was fun. The piano bar was an absolute riot and our group had a lot of fun there.

Half Moon Cay was beautiful and absolutely made the trip. The beach was perfect. Facilities on the island were modest but acceptable. The food at the "Island BBQ" was a bit more dry than on the ship. But the Jerk Chicken (while dry) was really flavorful. Lines for food at lunch time weren't bad and we were in and out in 5 minutes. Side options were great, salad, chips, assorted other stuff. Make sure you take the time to walk down to the far end of the beach away from the lazy masses. It's worth it to have a little serenity. Don't bother renting snorkeling equipment on the beach at Half Moon Cay. There's not much to see underwater except a few fish here and there. The lifeguard didn't seem to let anyone out to the reefs. I'd recommend doing the excursion if you're gonna do that. The other activities seemed fun. Paddle boats were available and in heavy use. It was really the best part of the trip.

Nassau was everything I expected. We didn't purchase any excursions. The weather was a bit bumpy on the way in, and the weather was nice but there was a swell, so most of the boating excursions got canceled. We got off the boat a bit later and walked to the Queens Stairway, water tower, and fort (MUST SEE) instead of buying the 58 dollar excursion. We had fun taking advantage of the various deals, haggling, and spending very little money for a whole lot of stuff. Just remember to be safe, I was offered drugs several times walking around. But I guess if that's your bag, cool. If you're trying to get WiFi on your phone, there are a few greek places off of bay st. (I won't give up the name to save these poor souls. That's enough of a hint.) Otherwise you're paying for internet access. Just look for where all of the ship crew members are huddled around their laptops.

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