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Age: 56


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Fascination

Sailing Date: 2011-07-29

Itinerary: Bahamas

Carnival Fascination Penthouse Warning! You will be robbed if you do not read this. I just departed the Carnival Fascination Penthouse and this cruise was a nightmare. This vacation involved 5 family groups that are all related. I booked the penthouse and rest were in suites below me. I arrived at the terminal hours early, and taken to a VIP sitting area. I was literally the last one to board that ship which was very upsetting considering I was told upon booking, the penthouse VIPs would board first! Their reasoning was this was a high security room and it needed a special room card, so we sat in this room for hours. After repeatedly asking why was I the last one to book, they finally gave me the room cards and escorted me to the part of the ship with the penthouse. The room is beautiful, there was no doubt about that. But here is the best part, I walked into my room the next day and found some of the teenagers in it watching tv and asked them how they got in there, they showed me, all you have to do is run your room card key down the sign of the door and it pops open your penthouse door immediately. I was so upset because I didn't believe them, went outside and I was in my room in a second. Penthouse passengers carry a larger amount of cash and jewelry. Even though there was a safe, we still had expensive watches laying around, our purses with credit cards and diamond earnings. Your door is out of view from the hallway, so anyone can enter the penthouse in a second. There were complaints of items being stolen right at the pool side. I informed Security who did not believe me until I took them up and entered my room in approximately 3 seconds without using my card. So much for waiting that 45 minutes for my special card.

The food was inedible. We lived on chicken tenders and cheeseburgers for the week. Plan on eating the dinners at night instead of the deck, it is the only food that is close to being swallowed. 3 of us had diarrhea by the next night, 2 of our party were throwing up. THIS INFORMATION SO FAR IS 100% accurate. The eggs in the morning pour off of their spool, the bread is so frozen it falls apart once toasted. Cereal is your best bet. There are approximately 3,000 people on board and only 2 food lines in the buffet. On other cruise ships you are given your choice of different food themes, not on Carnival, they offer 3 choices, 1 meat, one fish, one potato and one vegetable, if you don't like them, then its back to chicken tenders. Even at the dinners, the fish was frozen and had a freezer burnt taste to it, most of the table did not touch their dinners. By 10 o'clock we were starving and there is nothing to eat but pizza, which is soggy at best. The joke on the ship that this was a weight watchers cruise, designed to lose weight.

The room was beautiful

Their only goal on this ship is to get you to buy liquor and pictures, which they snap hundreds of a day. Shopping involves a liquor and tobacco store, a jewelry store and a small gift shop, do not expect to find anything to eat there, its just tea shirts and junk. The main activity one of the days was a 2 hour hairy man contest, I'm not kidding, the next day was a bean bag toss. If you like Bingo, then you'll love this cruise, the room was packed, what else was there to do.

The island stop is the only good part of this cruise, you can finally eat something. Its beautiful on the private island, but once again, your food is cheeseburgers.

The disorganization on excursions was even more unbelievable. The bus was suppose to depart for the Atlantis at 9:45, which means you have to wait at the ship until this time, so your losing precious hours on the island, it was 45 minutes late, I got out of line in the hot sun after 15 minutes late and took a cab over to Cabbage beach to swim, thank god I didn't go to the Atlantis, my family said the whole trip was a disaster. I was glad I wasted the money on the tickets but had the sense to go ahead and do my own thing on the island with my son.

If your looking for a good time and good food - book Royal Carribean! My family all calls this cruise as being "vacation traumatized!"

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