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Jim Zaik

Age: 50

Occupation:Sales Manager

Number of Cruises: 41

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Fascination

Sailing Date: 2013-08-29

Itinerary: Bahamas

9th cruise on Carnival but due to security problems on this ship, we will unfortunately not do business with Carnival again.

Fantastic food selection, temperature and quality in the main dining room. As for the Buffett - mediocre and long lines fro much of the food. The Asian food on the pool deck was great.

Old decor, no refrigerator and bathroom floor was sagging. Found an empty bottle of blackberry wine and half full bottle of sex lube under the bed. Remote control did not work and cabin attendant told us to change the channels via the TV itself.

We stayed on the Serenity Deck, away from the craziness.

Freeport has little to offer at the port. In Nassau we did a Sandals day pass and visited Goldy's in Fish Fry for conch salad.

My wife and I were passengers on Carnival Fascination, sailing from Jacksonville on Thursday August 29. On this cruise we witnessed an assault and Carnival employees failed to help the female passenger that was being choked by a male passenger. Carnival has assigned a Case Number for this incident. After completing forty one total cruises, nine on Carnival, we will never again do business with this company due to their unwillingness to rescue a passenger under assault. At approximately 10:30 PM on Friday August 30, my wife Lynn and I left the dining room. As Lynn was in the ladies restroom, I witnessed a male grab an female by the neck. He was yelling at her and holding her up against a wall while two small children yelled at him to stop. I immediately notified a Carnival worker that was in the ship's liquor store and told him to call security as a woman was being assaulted. A few minutes later, a young female Carnival worker appeared and I again asked her to call security. This woman identified herself as a gift store manager. Both Carnival workers witnessed the assault but did nothing to help the passenger. The gift store manager called Guest Relations and spoke with Aaron another Carnival employee and asked for security to come help the passenger. I could see down to the Guest Relations desk and a Carnival employee wearing a black blazer with a gold insignia of a shield on his lapel spoke with Aaron who pointed up to us. The Carnival employee with the gold badge would not leave the Guest Relations area and come up to the reported assault. The man stopped choking the woman and both ultimately left the area. I estimate the total time of the assault to be 8-10 minutes. After immediately notifying a Carnival employee of the assault, never in that 8-10 minutes did approach the woman, restrain her attacker or detain him for questioning. I immediately went downstairs and spoke with Aaron at Guest Relations to express shock that Carnival never helped a woman being choked. Aaron confirmed that he told the Carnival Security worker to help but that the Security person would not go one floor up to help. I asked to speak with a ship's officer and was told that an email would be sent to the Staff Captain. Three days later, that officer never responded to Aaron's message. Twice, while getting on and off the ship, my boarding card set off a security alarm.

Apparently someone at Carnival had flagged me as a problem due to my reporting of this crime. On Sunday night my wife and I met with the Head of Security for this ship, his Assistant and a Guest Relations Manager in the security office. We explained what we witnessed and how we could see the security guard ignore the request for help. Protection from violence is something that all cruise passenger guests should expect from Carnival. On my cruise, Carnival simply ignored a woman being choked in front of her children and flagged me as some sort of trouble maker. Carnival and their security team should be held accountable. This security guard was obviously on security camera as Aaron asked him to help the passenger. I will not step foot on a cruise ship owned by Carnival ever again. I hope that by bringing this assault to the attention of the US Coast Guard Carnival management can be called to better protect future passengers. My wife and I are willing to answer any questions on this matter. Thank you for your service to our country and your time today. (In addition to the assault we encountered on this ship poor cleanliness of our stateroom. We found an empty bottle of Arbor Mist Blackberry wine under the bed as well as a half full bottle of sex lube. it took two days to obtain a working TV remote control from the stateroom attendant. He suggested that we use the buttons on the TV itself to change channels. On the morning of debarkation, the stateroom bathroom was covered with inches of foam that came out of the shower floor drain. It was soap, shampoo and everything else that others rinsed down the other cabin's drains. My wife and I sailed Carnival 9 previous times. Carnival Fascination was the first ship we ever sailed on back in 1998.

Since then we have been on 41 total cruises, 9 with Carnival and the rest on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity. Things go wrong on cruise ships - we get that. But cruise ship workers refusing to help a victim of an assault tells us that we are doing business with the wrong company.) Never again Carnival....

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