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Jeff Boyles

Age: 44


Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Holiday

Sailing Date: October 23rd, 2006

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

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Western Caribbean

Jeff Boyles


I just returned home from Mobile off of the Holiday ship. I must tell you from the start that this was our 5th cruise. Twice with Carnival, once with Disney, once with Celebrity, and once with Royal Caribbean. Except for the first cruise we took with Carnival on the Fascination, we have always been in a suite. I must say that I was shocked when I arrived in my suite on board the Holiday. Have any of Carnival's executives even bothered to check on the condition of the suites on this boat ???? Before you do, look at the picture of the suite that I was lead to believe I would be staying in, on your website. You want to talk about false advertising!!!! I took plenty of pictures if you cant bear to look at the conditions yourself. I will be glad to forward to anyone willing to stand the horror. There were pieces of food and stains on the wall just above the trash can as well as around several other areas of the suite. The sham around the bed has many holes and tears. The king size bed was actually two full size beds together. All of the base trim was broken and splintered everywhere. The sofa and chairs were to disgusting to even sit in. The had stains and tears and broken parts of the wood work. They were completely wore out. Broken A/C duct. The water sprinkler in the room was broken. I'm sure that's an issue with your insurance company. I have pictures of its condition. Holes, stains and mold on the wall behind the head board. Yellow water out of vanity faucet. The entire bed frame was beat up. The table in the room was broken and beat up. Outside lights didn't work. Shower was missing tiles. We were not told that we had no privacy with the stairs rising right at our sliding door. While we were relaxing on our outside patio, deck area, a man stuck his head through the metal fence and said " I bet you hate having people invade your privacy???? A lady later asked if we could open the door so she could see in our cabin.

One afternoon I was relaxing almost asleep in fact, and a load banging started above my head. A repair man was using and adjustable wrench to bang on the speaker right above the outside of our cabin. When I got up and looked what was going on I saw him on the ladder. I sat back down propped my feet up on the rail and just listened to the banging that began to sound like music. A few moments later a piece rolled down the roof and landed on my leg. I kept it for a memento. The T.V. also hardly ever had a clear picture. We could not hear announcements in the room. I could go on for a while longer I still have more notes but I think you should have a pretty good idea as to how I feel.

Then to finish off the week we were 31/2 hours late getting back to port. We missed our plane home. When my wife contacted the pursers office they told her she had to re-book the flights ourselves. We paid Carnival to book everything flights, suites the whole thing. $2882.34. I got upset and told them about it. Who cares was the attitude. Maybe we can come to some type of settlement? I will be sending a hard copy letter to the C.E.O private and confidential. Maybe he will get it, maybe not? I guess if not, I will have a couple of my secretaries for one day a week for the next 50 years write blogs and reviews about Carnival. It can be very effective. Good evening and I hope to hear from you soon. Jeff Boyles.


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