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Andrea B

Age: 39

Occupation:Patient Relations Service Coor

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Imagination

Sailing Date: 2009-08-7

Itinerary: Nassau Bahamas

Start of cruise from day 1:

This is were it all begins:

We arrived on Imagination Ship Friday, June 26th 2009. Upon check in we all established that we didn't want to have the Fun Pass attached to a credit card but wanted to start a cash account, with the exception of the two that were in room M242-Robinson. When the cruise was initially booked, I specifically stated that we wanted to pay cash for tips and that it was not to be added to the billing of the cruise. I assumed that as something that would have been passed from transfer from Carnival to AAA. This was not so as myself and the other's in my group found out!

I though there would have been gifts in each room for us upon arrival. There were no gifts. The coupon books did come in each packet, which really served no purpose. Where were the gifts as promised? Not even a single fruit. In M214 there should have been accommodations for 4 passengers. There was one king bed and one bed that came from the ceiling. In the room were a female age 59, female age 36, male age 14 and a male age 10. We asked about the other bed to come out of the wall that we were told there was none. So now the 10 yr old male had to sleep between the two females. Thank God it was his Aunt and Grandmother.

As we went to dinner the first night in the Spirit Dinning Room which wasn't nice at all. There was a smell from the rugs that over powered the food. As all 12 of us approached the table we took note that two of our party was at another table. Okay what happened to us all being together? The round table held 10 and the other 2 had to sit with another group of people. So there was something else that was wrong. Why weren't we at the long table that would have held the twelve of us? The second night of dinner which was the birthday of two of the guests and there was no birthday cake. Yes our waitress, Melodie was great at getting out two pieces of cake but the group couldn't sing together because two of the group were not at out table and half the restaurant were gone. Melodie and her assistant were great and she even apologized for the seating and explained there was nothing she could do.

The food on this entire ship was disgusting. Nothing tasted good. The dinner choices were not up to par and nor did it taste good. The best item was served on the last night and was delicious, the crab cakes. Oh but wait my 10yr old of whom is allergic to shellfish enjoyed nothing.

Entertainment on the ship:

Our group ranged from all ages. The ones that were 18 and over were allowed in the club. My son of whom is 14 yrs, my nieces of whom both are 17 yrs old, had nothing to do during the night hours. Club 02 was not open at any point on any of the three nights we were on board. They had nothing to do other than sit outside of the 18 yrs and over club and hear the music and be absolutely board. What a waste for them. Asking them what fun they had, silence is the answer. This was really sad.

Questions and Concerns:

1) Why is it when the initial booking is made that when it is requested to not have tips added in, they are sneaked in? When I booked it I made it clear that we wanted to pay cash tips ourselves. What a scam that is.

2) Why is it that promises are made and not followed through? No follow up from guest services nor the statesman after bringing it to their attention. Actually I was looked upon as if I were lying.

3) Why be treated differently by your staff because of your race or gender? As I as at the bar waiting for help, the bartender spoke to me with an attitude and, when speaking with the Caucasian couple next to me extreme service was given.

4) Why not have entertainment for all ages? It was a sad thing to be between 14-17yrs old on this ship because there was nothing to do.

5) Why when it: states in your departure papers from the ship to "please leave your rooms by 8:30am and when we were leaving to get something to eat at 7:35am we were told with a nasty tone by your statesman, "you're leaving and you have to take your stuff now!" We didn't do so and came back in time to note that they had been in the room to collect the tips. How tacky is that? Couldn't wait for us to leave. Was the tip going to determine if I stuff would have been put outside the door?

6) Why does a crusie line of such magnitude with employees from all races and walks of life allow them to speak there languages around the passengers? This was rude. Entire conversations being held in other languages by your employees. Did I think they were talking about us? Yes of course. I work in health care and that would not be tolerated. Just darn rude. Especially when over 80% of the guests spoke English!

We cant even say we had FUN on the FUN SHIP!

This cruise wasn't expensive but I guess you get what you pay for. Even though it was only 3 days, we were looking forward to having a blast and leaving the world behind on the Port of Miami. This was the worst.

The dining room was dull and boring. It seemed as though we were put at the bottom of the ship.

I was so hyped about this cruise and so as my family. Especially the ones that had never cruised before. Well my mother, Elnora Brevard says she will never cruise again. Will past cruisers ever cruise with Carnival again, more than likely not! R#$%@ Car^&%*%& possibly has our booking.

Stay away from the shore excursion! We got a better deal from a very nice man that took all 12 of us around for 1/4th of the cruise price. The tour as safe, we learned things. I have his card with contact number.

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