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Age: 24

Occupation:Advertising Account Manager

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Imagination

Sailing Date: 2009-03-9

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

I'll start off by saying, you get what you pay for! Considering this cruise was only $400 a person. I booked this cruise with 6 girl friends for their spring break from grad school. That was my first mistake: Spring Break. A bunch of drunk screaming college kids. The cruise left from Miami and sailed to Key West and Cozumel.

Embarkation was ok I guess. One thing I would recommend is to keep sun tan lotion in your carry on because if you have your bags delivered to your room, you can't get them until the evening and you will spend the whole first day on the boat at port probably in the sun with no sunscreen and have to deal with a burn the rest of the week.

Be sure to keep track of how much you are spending on the ship (you have to use a special cruise card that is linked to a credit card) because they will try to sneak in charges everywhere they can! I knew exactly what I had the entire week I was there and when I got my bill, there was a $15 charge for spa services (but I didn't even go there!) and $15 for in-cabin beverages (Um, why would I want to pay for the in-cabin beverages when I can walk upstairs and get free water out of the water coolers?). I tried to argue against these and they took some of the charges off but not all and it was too much of a hassle to continue arguing because their customer service is about as good as their accounting skills.

The food was alright. This was my first cruise and everyone always raved about the food on cruises so I was pretty excited, but it was definitely nothing to write home about. The fact that it is always available was the only plus. The dining room was pretty unorganized. Half of us were seated in a completely different dining room and we were supposed to all be together.

The boat was old, the carpet was stained and stinky. When we got to our room (3 of us shared one room) I thought it was a joke. There were two twin beds and one rollaway that was made for a person under 4 feet tall. Being the good friend I am, I said I would take the toddler bed (it was only courtesy considering my two friends were both over 5'9" and I'm only 5'4"). I slept on that sucker all week with my calves hanging off the end. Not to mention the fact that there was no where to put it during the day and it left us with exactly zero square feet of floor space.

I went on a spring break cruise looking for relaxation. I laid by the pool most days and tried to ignore what was going on outside by popping in my headphones but with the volume all the way up on my ipod, I still couldn't tell what song was playing because whatever was going on onstage by the pool was so incredibly and uncomfortably loud. The adults only deck with hot tubs was nice but you could never get a seat out there.

We did one excursion in Cozumel and that was snorkeling and the beach party (really it was just going to a private beach after snorkeling). The beach party was my favorite but they gave you a whopping 45 minutes. Snorkeling was ok but not worth $50 because there wasn't much to see.

I would NOT recommend going on this particular ship at this particular time.

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