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Age: 39

Occupation:Hospitality sales

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Imagination

Sailing Date: 2011-01-1

Itinerary: Bahamas

Extremely disappointing cruise. This was our second time cruising on one of Carnival's "Fun Ships." The first cruise we took was so enjoyable that we decided to make cruising our preferred vacation experience. From beginning to end, this cruise was a major disappointment. No time or thought was given to the fact that customers (sometimes) save for years to enjoy this type of experience, but this cruise was nothing more than Carnival simply "throwing" something together just to get money from the customers. Whoever told you that customer service aboard ship was the ultimate experience should really try sailing on the Imagination. It is the best way that I know of to take the "fun" out of the name "Fun Ship."

The food on the Lido deck ("Off the Grill") was poor at best! To begin with, the same meals were served for lunch and breakfast 3 days in a row. The oatmeal had been left on the steamtable so long that it had turned brown and crusty around the edges. Hamburgers were cooked ahead of time and left on the back of the grill to be served at a later date (dry and unflavorable). French fries were continuously cooked and poured into steamtable pans on top of ones that were already hard and overcooked. Every time you dipped into the pan you got rock hard potatoes mixed in with the new ones. The waffles that were served for breakfast had been "microwaved/cooked" to death and were like pieces of rubber that couldn't be chewed or swallowed. Desserts (cakes) were stored in refrigerators without coverings and were often hard and crusty around the edges. I don't know who showed the cooks how to make potato salad but whoever did should really go back to school and learn how real potato salad is supposed to be made! The stuff we had on deck was nothing more than potatoes that had been cut into "huge" chunks covered with mayonnaise and a few sprigs of parsley on top. The turkey sandwich that I ordered from room service came straight from the freezer and had not been thawed completely. The turkey had more water dripping from it than the ocean we were sailing on! One member of our group did not eat in the dining room the first two nights we were onboard but the third night she decided to give it a try. When she entered the dining room the maitre d' was busy talking on his cell phone and couldn't be bothered to show her to our table. He told her, in no uncertain terms, "that if she wanted to eat, she would have to walk around the dining room and find the table herself." (GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE).

Housekeeping did not change the sheets or the pillowcases on the bed during the entire trip (makes you wonder if they even changed them from the previous travelers!). No soap was provided so that you could wash your hands after using the bathroom and there was no place on board where you could buy any. Glasses in the bathrooms were never changed during the trip so you had to use the same one every day (this also makes you wonder if they had been changed from previous travelers).

Very few onboard activities, if you can indeed call them activities. The first night onboard there was a dance party on deck to kind of get everyone into the mood. The DJ played music for approximately one hour and then the entire dance party and music was "shut down" for the rest of the cruise. The same went for the bing game that was played in the lounge. As soon as the first person won the entire event was "shutdown" and people were running around ship looking for things to do. There was no disco that I saw onboard and the gift shop catered more to selling "liqor" and "cigarettes" than it did to any other clientele on ship.

This was the worst trip that I had ever taken on a Carnival ship. There was nothing entertaining for the children to do, nor for the adults who didn't drink or lose money in the casino.

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