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Lynn Thompson

Age: 55


Number of Cruises: 7

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Imagination

Sailing Date: 2012-05-28

Itinerary: Miami round trip

Of the 7 cruises I have been on, this was the worst. I will not be cruising with Carnival again but if you choose to, don't just research the destinations...research the ship and the amenities. It does make a difference.

The food was mediocre, especially the buffet for breakfast. We had bacon (very greasy and limp) and waffles (cold and mushy...even my 8 y/o grandson wouldn't eat them and he'll eat anything). We did have room service quite a few times. They have a limited menu but at least it was edible.

The stateroom was of decent size. I've never been on a comfortable bed on Carnival, so wasn't expecting one this time. Bathroom was clean, clean, clean. The room itself was freezing. The a/c controls are some weird thing on the ceiling and if you are short like me, you cannot reach them. My grandson couldn't either even though he was standing on a chair. We had to have the steward try to fix it but then it got hot. Very inconvenient to need to have someone come and fix it for you every time it needs adjusting.

Glass bottom boat in Key West was rather boring and absolutely don't do the Jungle Island excursion in Miami. Or probably any of the other tours provided by that tour operator....the customer service was non-existant. See my review on Easy to find, there are only 2 reviews.

I took my 8 year-old grandson with me. The pool is small and overcrowded. He did have some fun at the water works. The majority of the crew looked like they didn't want to be there and didn't smile. My grandson said the only person who was nice was the cabin steward. It's pretty sad when an 8 y/o notices how miserable everyone is. There was also one bartender in the atrium bar that was very nice.

The customer service on this ship was horrid as with Carnival in general. I purchased a bottle of liquor in the gift shop which I was told would be delivered to my cabin the last night of the cruise. The salesperson then set the bottle on the floor and didn't bother to put my name on it.

Fast forward to the final evening. No liquor was delivered. When I went to guest services to inquire about it and ask for a refund for it, there was one person behind the desk and three sets of people in line. Twenty minutes later, there was one person behind the desk, helping the same four people he was helping when I walked up, and 30 people in line behind me. When another person finally showed up to help and it came to my turn, I complained about the wait and she told me I should have checked out the night before. Then she refused to credit the liquor I didn't receive and instead went to look in the back for the bottle. Of course it wasn't there.

Still refusing to credit my purchase, she called the gift shop manager, told me to go away and come back in ten minutes. We had to meet our shore excursion group so between waiting in line for twenty-five minutes, her running around looking for my liquor and then having to leave and come back we didn't get to get any breakfast. Her attitude was appalling as was the attitude of the red jacketed Carnival employees standing around chatting with each other while people were waiting to get their bags. Don't bother inquiring with them if you have a problem....they will just look at you and tell you there is nothing they can do.

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