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Age: 36


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Imagination

Sailing Date: 2012-10-26

Itinerary: Nassau

How about this for safety - dont go out in the middle of the sea when Sandy is still around and in full force??? My husband and I are first time cruisers and we went on a 3 night bahamas cruise on friday 10/26. I was hesitant due to the weather, but was reassured over the phone and at the port, by Carnival employees. About an hour after sailing, they made an announcement that the port at Nassau was closed and we would be at sea until Sunday. Im sure they knew that before we set sail, and it would have been nice to have the option of not going on this horrible cruise, if we were aware of what was actually going on. The following 2 days were HORRIBLE MISERABLE days of throwing up and feeling awful.

We werent even able to eat. The boat rocked so much you would roll out of bed. The staff couldnt even walk without being knocked over. Pools and decks were closed and all onboard activities were empty because everyone was sick. And dont even think about asking for a nurse after-hours because there is a $150 charge. We finally got to Nassau Sunday around 10am. Most excursions were cancelled due to weather. We asked for a discount on a day pass to Atlantis and were told that we should be paying more because Carnival has kept us safe while at sea. Unbelievable. We ended up buying a flight outta there because we had enough. We did not complain or make a big deal.

I asked for my final statement and was assured that there would be no extra charges - except what I was signing for. Low and behold - today I have a different charge (not a hold) for more than what was agreed, along with a hold for another amount. I contact customer service and am told that what they charged is correct and basically - have a nice day. I am furious with this experience and this cruiseline. I will NEVER cruise again thanks to Carnival Cruises.

To make things worse, I tried to get our flights reimbursed under the carnival vacation guarantee, and they said that even though I expressed my feelings on the ship, told them we were buying airline tickets to go home at the next port and asked for the tickets to be paid for/reimbursed by carnival (which is what the guarantee entails), we would not be reimbursed because we did not specifically use the words "vacation guarantee," while speaking to staff on the boat on numerous occasions before disembarking.

Since I only used the words "vacation guarantee" over the phone when we got back, we do not qualify. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life!!! They either offer the guarantee or they dont. If I expressed myself exactly the way the guarantee is explained (minus the words vacation guarantee), then why the hell didnt they explain my options?? No - instead they tried to charge us $300 per person to disembark, under some jones act that didnt even apply to us. So - we were given bad information and were being charged extra, when they should have given us the correct information and help us in getting reimbursed for the horrible circumstances they put us through.

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