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Age: 25

Occupation:Flight Attendant

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Imagination

Sailing Date: September 27th, 2004

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

I recently went on my 2nd cruise, aboard the Carnival Imagination. My fiancee and I went on the Fascincation last year and had the time of our lifes. This year we opted for a little bit
longer and more expensive cruise. We even brought another couple along with us this time, as welll as upgraded to a oceanview room, instead of regular stateroom.

We knew it was the hurricane season. We expected some changes to our intinery. We watched the webiste and called daily, only to be told no changes to intinerary. We called the morning the cruise was to leave and was told still going to Grand Cayman and Ocho Rios. So we head to the Terminal and get all checked in and get on the boat, still thinking we are
going to our original destinations. Only to get on the ship and get to our room a few hours later to find out we were going to Nassau, Bahamas instead. It would not of been such a big deal
if they would of let us know they were changing our intinerary. We had the insurance as did many people and the cruise line was afraid everyone would cancel. (words straight from supervisor in pursor's office) The supervisor was straight up with us and told us, there was nothing he would do to keep us as a Carnival customer. He even told us Grand Cayman was going to be closed until after the first of the year. Not a big deal if they tell you before you get on the ship. Not let everyone get their hopes up to go to a specific place and then cancel it after already being on the ship.

We did expect this cruise to be just like our last cruise, boy were we wrong! We were celebrating my fiancees birthday and our friends anniversary. 2 birthday cakes were ordered upon
arrival on the ship. The cake I ordered was not there and neither was the cake our friends had ordered. When we booked our cruise, we were told we would be celebrating the birthday the 2nd night at dinner and then the 3rd night at dinner we would celebrate the anniversary. Neither night did we get to celebrate anything! Nor did we get the birthday cakes til the night before our cruise ended.

The waiter was unbelieveably rude and slow. We understand he was busy, but he just kept telling us we had to wait before we could order. The first night, we sat there for 35 minutes before he came over to us to get our orders.

We didnt get the little towels animals the first 2 nights, as we did last year.

My perfume and my fiancee's cologne was stolen out of our medicine cabinet. ($80 value)

Our shore excursions were canceled after we had already picked out and paid for them, due to not enough participation.

The boat was not as clean. Handprints were all over the brass hand rails, right as soon as we got on the boat . Employees were sanding the seats were people were sitting, right in front of the pool. They were painting the ship as we were walking around on it.

I know all this seems like small stuff, but when you go on vacation, you expect to not to worry about anything. You expect to relax and enjoy your self. And all the small stuff just kept on and on and it made our trip not as comfortable as last year. Only one good thing did happen, after complaining about everything that was wrong, we did get a bottle of champagne the last night, courtesy of the pursers' office. I suppose they got tired of us complaining. But this cruise was far more expensive then our 4 day cruise last year, and it was not nearly as enjoyable.

We arent big complainers, but after all this small stuff going wrong, it just made us not want to go on Carnival again. This ship is NOTHING like the Fascination! I dont recommend the Imagination to anyone. Our next cruise will be on a different cruse line!

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