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Age: 49


Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Inspiration

Sailing Date: 2009-08-10

Itinerary: western caribbean

This cruise was lacking in all areas and compared poorly to all the other cruises we have taken.

The dinning room dinners were fantastic. The buffet was not so good. The breakfast buffet was worse than mess-hall food. Very greasy food with no flavor.

The room was very good and I have no complaints. It was kept clean and well serviced. However, the outside windows weren't very clean and we had to stare through crude and smudge.

The activities department was no where to be seen on this cruise. There were way too few! This was our biggest dissapointment.

The excursions are numerous and don't have to be expensive. You don't need to book through carnival no matter what threats they give you about leaving you behind if you are late. All they excusions will make sure you are back on time. Carnival has nothing to do with the excursions and the credits belong to the excursion runners themselves.

My wife and I have taken many cruises and this was our second cruise on Ispiration only this time we brought our two kids along. We did so because the last Inspiration cruise was so family oriented that we thought the kids would enjoy it. They did enjoy the cruise, however my wife and I were very dissapionted. This cruise did nothing compared to one prior to entertain. The entertainment was poor. The comedian who did two shows could not be funny without being nasty. The small pool was overloaded most of the time and when my wife and I, after putting the kids to bed, wanted to head to the Lido deck for an outdoor cocktail, learned that the bar was closed. The drinks were overpriced and under-boozed. It felt like this entire cruise was dedicated to moving cash from our bank account to theirs. I don't mind paying $10 for a weak syrupy drink as long as I get some good entertainment with it. The bands on the Lido deck were second rate if that. They played very little dance music, no Rock n' Roll, and I wondered if the band members enjoyed what they were doing. They really didn't have any shows to speak of that you could call shows. I have to wonder what happened! The eagerness to entertain like this ship did 2 years ago was gone and everthing on board cost twice as much. The photos they take and post for purchaces cost way too much. So over priced that it was obvious nobody was buying the photos. Somethings have got to change to get me to return. I'm going to look to other lines for my next cruise.

Did I enjoy my trip? Yes I did and there is a lot that Carnival did right, but I think they really blew it when it came to entertainment and activities. I also feel insulted with the $8 to $10 dollar drinks that were lacking the most important ingredient.

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