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Age: 23

Occupation:Customer Service Rep

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Jubilee

Sailing Date: February 27th, 2003

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

We ported out of Galveston. That was the first catastrophe. We checked our luggage at our port #. Then we were shuffled along down the road to the parking lot. Which was reasonably priced at $40. (Be sure to put your sun visors up and lock all of your doors.) We took the shuttle bus back to our port. Upon entering the terminal we were given a sheet of paper that said in big bold letters " Do not give your luggage to anyone. The workers in front of the terminals do not work for carnival". This was a bit nerve racking as we had walked with the man who took our bags to the baggage check. Here we were given our room number and several tags to put on our bags. Strange these people had our room number and Carnival tags yet they were not employees of Carnival.

Nevertheless, we proceeded to the metal detectors and onto the ticket counters. Make sure your name and the suffix is correct. Mine was not. This created another catastrophe. I stood in line at the Pursers desk for 30 minutes to have the suffix changed. The attendant at this desk was obviously not happy to be at her job that day. Moving onward, we made it to our cabin E120. Having a window is worth any upgrade price. Otherwise, you feel like you are in a small closet. Now, it is time for the Life Boat Safety drill. Be sure to pay attention to the Cruise Director who speaks on the loud speaker. The life jackets that were in our cabin stunk to high heaven of mildew. Not to mention they were tied in a big knot. When asking our steward for help, he simply smiled and kept walking down the hallway. Finally we found a nice fella to help us out. Then we walked on the deck to our lifeboat. We stood there as we sailed away. No instructions were given at that point. Then we were given permission to return to our cabins and prepare for the early seating dinner (in 10 min).

We had the late seating which was 6:15. This is a perfect time. We did request to be sat with other younger singles or close to, for dinner. We were sat at a booth with an elderly couple who could barely read the menu. Then our waiter rushed our decision to order. Before we could get the drink lady to ask for wine, our dinner was on the table. If you put your fork down our waiter came running and snatched our plate up, done or not. Then we were handed a desert menu long enough to see the first item. Then our waiter demanded our decisions. I don't think we had enough time to enjoy our glass of water let alone our dinner. After this experience, we ate at the Pizzeria or the buffet on the Lido deck. This was a wonderful relaxed dinning experience. I would recommend this over the dinning room.

Upon our first visit back to our room after dinner we discovered our room steward had refolded all of our clothes, put them back in our suit cases and zipped them shut. He folded down our beds and left a mint on our pillow. How nice. We left him $10 for that lovely night. However, he never came back to our room after that. We never got any Newsletters with the activities for the day nor did we get the procedures for debarking the ship. We didn't even get a folded towel creature.

We attempted to order room service for breakfast on the second day. We had our selections hanging on the door at 12:00 the night before. Come 8:00 in the morning, we had no breakfast. We never got it. We asked the room steward in the hall what the deal was. He said that he did not take room service orders and that they were serving breakfast on the lido. This was really 'going out of his way to help us'. Flustered we decided that we would go on the deck and lay in the sun. When we got to the deck we needed to have two chairs taken off the stack for us. We kindly asked one of the deck crew if he would please get two chairs down for us. He shook his head no and walked on. A few moments later we observed the same fella getting a chair for another passenger. We felt no sense of importance to any member of staff on our cruise. Since we had been ignored and made to feel like dirt, we went inside to the casino. We sat at the sports bar for 15 minutes before the bartender even approached us. Then he didn't know how to make a Cosmopolitan. He never asked us for anything else other than that to drink. He just walked on down the bar to help another customer. We could have cried at this point.

The boat was rocking back and forth so bad at this point we just went back to our room and sat for a bit. We did enjoy going to see the Comedian and the Show in the Atlantic Lounge. I would recommend these if they are offered on your cruise. When we got to Cozumel we had no idea how to get to the main road to get a cab. If you ask a resident there any sort of question a tip is expected. Same applies if you ask to have someone take your picture. We sat in a hammock at Fat Tuesdays and drank several fabulous margaritas and waited until 4:30 to get back to the ship. At this point we just wanted to go home. Since the crew on the ship were anything but friendly or helpful.

We stayed in our cabin for most of the trip home. We did get back to Galveston, we had not received any debarkation instructions. So, we had to ask a guest walking down the hall what we were supposed to be doing. That was embarrassing. We were the last two guest to get off the ship. We then figured out that it was difficult to walk on land. We found our bags and went back out to the front of the terminal to get a shuttle back to the car. However, the shuttles only offer rides to a guest with no luggage. So, there I stood in the rain for 1 hour while my friend went to fetch the car and sit in the chaos of cars trying to pick up passengers. By the time my friend reached me I was drenched and more than ready to go home. It was a good three days until I could walk a straight line. Overall, this 1st cruise was awful. It will definitely be my last.


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