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Megan C

Age: 43

Occupation:home maker

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Jubilee

Sailing Date: November 30th,2002

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

First, let me start by saying that my husband and I sailed on the Carnival Fascination out of Miami last year and we LOVED it!! So, that's why we booked our second cruise through them as well.

We sailed out of Galveston, Texas on November 30, 2002 on the Carnival Jubilee. It was our 6 year Anniversary so we were thrilled at the fact that we could drive down to Galveston from Dallas and get a cruise as an Anniversary gift to each other.

Everything was fine until the ship got under way. It was then that we noticed the vibration. Not a small vibration either. This was like being on a possessed vibrating bed or something! It NEVER stopped until the ship was in port and the engines were turned off. Come to find out later, that Carnival knew about this problem - as far back as 1998 - and NEVER took care of it. We'd be in the funnel grill on the Lido deck and you'd see ceiling tiles bouncing up and down! Display cases on the Main deck were rattling loudly. We got it on video. It was miserable.

Over 3/4 of the people on board were becoming sick because of it. My husband, who served in the Navy for 6 years, even said it was the roughest ship he had ever been on!!

Add to that problem, the fact that the entire crew (with the exception of 3 people) were rude and you have the cruise from you know where!! Crew members were snapping at passengers. Our cabin steward skipped our cabin entirely one time and did a very poor job on it the rest of the cruise.

The so called band ("Music Forever") sounded like my brother's garage band. They couldn't play and they couldn't sing. They didn't even know the words to the songs they were trying to sing! For example, in the song "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown" the line is "badder than old king kong" but they sang "bad as that town hall king kong." What??????

There was no "fun" feeling to this cruise. People sat around bored on the Lido deck and drank the day away. We nick named this trip the Booze Cruise, as that's all there was to do - drink! They gave bottles of booze away every chance they had. It was the prize in almost every game they played or every raffle they had.

If this had been our first Carnival cruise, it would have been our last! It is our last on the Jubilee and on any Holiday Class Ship.

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