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Age: 14

Occupation:High School Student

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Jubilee

Sailing Date: July 23rd, 2001

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

Okay where do I start?? First off, this was my second Carnival cruise, so i cant help but compare. For a part of my christmas gift, I was told I would be sailing on the Carnival Jubilee for 5 days in July. Well, wonderful gift, I loved my last cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy!! I was then told that 2 other familys were joining us for the vacation. One was my close friend, his sister, and also mother. The other family was a family that we used to be close to and they moved and were going to meet with us on the ship. Okay, enough of that. We stayed in Tampa for like a day then got on the ship the next. We were all very excited and anxious to get on the ship. The night before it came in we all rode out to the pier to see where to come the next day and had a nice walk around downtown Tampa Bay. This gave us a good knowledge of the area that we had to report to the next day.

The day we went to get on the ship, like always, your struck by its size. Especially the family that had never been on a cruise. Getting on the ship was quite peaceful, our parents did some paperwork, we got our cabin key (Outside room on Upper deck), then waited to get on. We read some papers we had picked up about camp carnival, activities going on throughout the day, etc. We were all soooo excited we were already planning our day! Then it was time to get on!!! YAY!!

First off, the man took our picture in front of the big carnival thing. He was soo rude he was like 1..2..3..SNAP, he gave us no time, I was the only one smiling. Then we walked on, it was quite different from the Carnival Ecstasy because you walked into a lobby thing, not a huge atrium. I was cool with the first change, hey, I'm on a cruise.. We then went to our room, which was an okay size, not too big (like any room is ever tooo big), but yet not to small. We were pleased with our window which had a big enough sill to sit in.  Now its time to explore the ship, the other kids and I got together and were off. We had already gotten our "fountain fun" card (GET THAT!!) so we all got sodas first. The ship is pretty old, but didnt really look it. We went around the whole thing and spent quite a while doing that. A couple things I noticed about the difference in the Fantasy class ship, Ecstasy, and this was the pool was a lot smaller. Also there wasn't like a pool side stage. Anyways we ate pizza, which was awesome (just like the ecstasy!!).

The first island we went to was Cozumel, which was awesome. We did the best tour, we went on an off-rode tour in a jeep! The other family was behind us and we had the top off so we had a blast. We were actually having soo much fun we kind of hit a tree.. It only like busted a light and dented in the bumper (OOPS). The people were awesome about it and didn't mind. I reccomend jeep tours in cozumel!

In Grand Cayman we swam with stingrays. I didn't like it, but it was pretty cool. The stingrays would come alllll up on you. And they were all around you. You could feed them if you want, or take pictures of them, or whatever. I wasn't in the water long at all because it was kinda freaky. We also went to hell on our tour. That was kinda cool because you could send postcards and just to say "I've been to HELL and back!!"  In key west we just walked. After shopping and all, we all came back. Everyone else went snorkeling. I stayed on the ship and enjoyed an ice-cream cone!

Overall we had a wonderful vacation!!! Getting off was horrible, not in means of slow or anything, just because we didn't want to end that soon! I guess it went by so fast because we were saying bye to our friends that we hadn't seen in forever. The Jubilee was a nice ship for the 5 days we went on it. We spent EVERY night in the "Oz" disco! It was sooo fun! We had a blast! Were going on the Carnival Pride June 2003 with the people that went on the last cruise with us and plus some more! If you are going on this cruise for more than a week, you might become restless... The ship isn't full of things to do. If you are going on a carnival cruise Go on the newer ships, Fantasy Class or higher... You will have a blast

Carnival Ecstasy - June 2000
Carnival Jubilee - July 2001
Carnival Pride - June 2003


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