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Age: 34


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Paradise

Sailing Date: 2011-04-16

Itinerary: Catalina Ensenada

We took the cruise on the Paradise to Catalina and Ensenada. It was terrible! The ship is very old, so it doesn't have modern things that the newer ships do. We had an old Zenith TV in our cabin with a green screen. We did complain about it and they brought in a flat screen with better color. We were looking forward to quiet time on the "adult' deck, but found it to be on the back of the ship where there wasn't a food stand or bar anywhere in sight. The hot tubs were very old an unattractive, and to make matters worse, they were kept slightly warm, instead of hot. I asked the front desk about the temperature, thinking they just had to fix it, and was told they keep it at 74 degrees. Seriously? So the hot tub was useless. The weather was a little bit chilly during our trip, so in order to stay out on the deck, the hot tub was required. FOOD: terrible!. This was definitely a low-end cruise. Everything was cheap and not very good. The service was excellent, but that doesn't matter much when the food doesn't have any flavor. Our room was kept very clean and the ship was kept clean, however the ship had a lot of wear, so you would see a beautiful pillar with chips and scuffs all over it. I was surprised they didn't keep that up. There is a huge slide on the Lido deck that is fun, but they don't heat the water and it's straight from the ocean. The water was FREEZING cold. I couldn't believe they didn't heat it. So it pretty much sat unused the entire cruise, aside from a couple of kids. Overall, we realized this was a short, inexpensive cruise, so it was full of low-income type people and low cost food. Anything that would cost the ship money, they didn't have, such as heated pools and hot tubs. The ships director was nowhere to be found. Usually you see the director all over the place and hear him over the intercom. We saw this director once. Our day in Ensanada was super cold and windy, so most people went back to the boat. There was NOTHING going on for entertainment. Everything was closed, it was too cold to swim or sit outside, so everyone spent a whole day locked in their rooms or sitting in complete boredom somewhere on the ship. I was surprised they didn't open up the casino, or a few bars, or put something on in the lounge or showroom. That was a wasted day! Keep in mind when booking on this ship that there are no restaurants or steakhouses. You can do the cheap buffet or wait for your dining time in the dining room. We sat in the library and played monopoly a lot of the time. It was the ONLY game that had ALMOST all the pieces and wasn't all torn up and trashed. After sailing on this ship, I now know why so many people tell me Carnival is a terrible cruise line. It was a complete waste of money.

The food was cheap and flavorless. Very unhappy.

The stateroom was old, but kept very clean.

There was almost nothing to do. We were extremely bored.

It always costs twice as much to book an excursion through the cruise ship. Always wait until you get off the ship to pay for an excursion

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