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Age: 23


Number of Cruises: First one

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Paradise

Sailing Date: January 28th, 2005

Itinerary: 3 day to Ensenada

This was my first cruise so I had no idea what to expect. We filled out the fun pass on-line and we got there early so the wait was not long at all. Everyone was extremely friendly and it was a happy time for everyone.

Our luggage arrived around an hour after we were on the ship. I didn’t matter because we took the time go explore the ship.

Our rooms at first appeared to be very small. Just two twin beds, restroom, vanity, and closet, etc. As the trip progressed there was not one thing that we lacked. It was the perfect size for my cousin and me and very cozy. Someone told me to bring extra hangers for the closets and so that was helpful.

For dining we had the late dinner in the Destiny dining room. Our dinners were okay. Our waiter was not talkative and would barely smile until the last day. The last day he was all smiles. Complete personality change. His two assistants could not be nicer though and made up for his sore disposition. The shows were cute and the songs they played were great. My complaint was that none of us once saw the Maitre D once until the final night when he wanted his tips. Then he stood right at the front and never left. The assistant Matre D was there every night and remembered our names and was so kind to us. He many times offered us suggestions that were very good. His name was Vivvac, he was from India and everyone was very friendly with him and called him “V.” There was a midnight buffet on Saturday night that was just amazing! Many beautiful ice sculptures and all the food was arranged in beautiful creations from… animals, to trees, etc. They had watermelons around that were amazingly sculpted to look like flowers and scenery. Very beautiful. All the desserts looked absolutely gorgeous but everything we all had was dry or not that great. Not bad, just not as good as it looked. Other people at out table who were not with us said the same thing. Overall the food and dessert was a 6 on a 1 to 10 scale. The pizza bar was the best part.

For Ensenada, it was nice. We rode a bus over and the bus driver tried to sell us on different tours but we hired a taxi for a few hours that was the same price yet he would take us where we wanted to go, not the typical tourist spots. We did go the blowhole, which is full of tourists and you have to walk down this street that is full of people trying to sell you things. Then if you stopped at one to look, the next vendor over would try to get you to come look at his area and so it would continue. Hard to get through. The blow hole was awesome. Glad I got to see that. We asked out driver to take us shopping where there weren’t so many tourist and we got to walk around and shop there without bring bothered. We also went up in the mountains a little to see the way people lived, etc. Very interesting.

The entertainment was okay. The shows were good. On Friday we unpacked and completely walked the whole ship twice. Not all everything was open because there were still people coming on the ship. So for a few hours until we left, there was a drag. A lot of people took naps. Once we left Long Beach things started opening, and starting up. Saturday I was gone in Ensenada all day so I don’t know what they had then. Sunday was the best. They always had something going on somewhere. From a hairy man contest by the pool, to ice sculpting, to Austin Powers dance lessons, etc. The Rex room is where you want to go if you want to just party and dance. The Queen Mary Lounge had lots of Karaoke and things like that. Normandy Room is where the big shows are at. Good rooms to remember.

Our last night, Sunday, at around midnight we had around 25 dolphins swimming along side of the ship and playing. They were there for about 45 minutes and truly awesome.

Leaving we had no problem at all. We had green luggage tags so we were the 4th color called. We had a little line to customs, but then a longer line at customs. Then we got our luggage and were on out way. From the time we got in line to the time we picked up our luggage was maybe 30 minutes. I was expecting a lot worse so I was happy with that.

Bring Hangers. They do not supply enough and our steward could not get us any more.

Bring an extension cord. There was one outlet in the main room next to the vanity and then one in the bathroom that said it was only for shavers. So the extension cord worked wonderfully.

Take as many pictures as you want. There are many different spots to take them. You are under no obligation to buy. So take a bunch and then you can pick out the ones you want.

There were only 2 people who worked for Carnival from the US, so you have to be patient with the accents.

I would definitely take this cruise again. Hope this helped!!!



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