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Age: 42

Occupation:Postal Worker

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Paradise

Sailing Date: March 4th, 2005

Itinerary: Baja, Mexico

The room was lacking. The bedspread was covered in yellow stains as were the pillowcases. No soap in the dispenser. The kleenex holder had three sheets of tissue. Two of the plastic soda bottles in the room had broken seals and were not filled to the top. Very questionable. Food was absolutely horrible. Processed microwaved prison cafeteria food. I did what Martha Stewart did in prison and did not eat the food. I fasted and lost weight. We had to check our drinking cups carefully as most of the "clean" ones had crud in the crevices. Is this how mass illness happens aboard these ships? The crew was totally aloof and rude. Not once was there a pleasant greeting from one of them. Although I must give credit to our waitress at dinner on the first night. She was very sweet and attentive. The last day I had my "do not disturb" sign up on the door. This did not stop the crew from knocking on my door 4 times. Once to check my smoke detector, another time to ask why I was not going to dinner and the other times I ignored the knocks hoping I could get some peace. The dining times are limited except for room service. A lot of drunk people on this cruise. If you are an alchoholic this is a great cruise because of the many bars. I get the feeling they want you to buy expensive drinks so you get so drunk you don't notice the unacceptable quality of the food. I wondered why they pay to have an Executive Chef on board when all the food is obviously processed, canned and micro waved. Hmmm. Save your money and stay away from Carnival.





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