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Age: 31


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: 2009-10-15

Itinerary: Bahamas

We were very excited about this vacation my family and I had it planned for 12 months before the date, and everyone was going. We had 9 people in all. My mom and dad drove down from Indiana as well as my boyfriend's mom, brother, and his brother's girlfriend. Then there was me, my boyfriend, and our two children (15 & 13 years old). We drove to Florida a day early and stayed at the days inn coco beach. Upon arriving at the hotel we noticed several strip clubs which were right around the rooms. We were right on the beach which was nice, and we were able to take a shuttle to the ports. We boarded the shuttle van at 11am and arrived at the ports. There were no lines going through check-in and it was pretty speedy. We set up our sign and sail accounts and boarded the boat. We were told to go to the lido deck where we had to wait with all of our bags until our rooms were ready at 3:30pm. Upon arriving at the Lido Deck we were able to use the buffet and all the services on that deck. We found 2 hot tubs and a pool no bigger than a hotel size pool (this was the only pool on the ship). When we were able to go to our rooms we found a very clean room and there was a decent amount of room; however, we had no daily itinerary or any directions on where things were located on the boat. We had to go through the muster drill which was not informative at all. We were not shown where our life boat was located in case of an emergency nor what number our life boat would be. By the time all of that was completed it was time for dinner. Everyone in our party sat at the same table, because we booked at the same time. The dinner was very nice and the dining room staff were wonderful. The dinner was a bit lengthy as we were not done until around 8pm. We walked around the boat for about 45 minutes and then headed to the room to rest. I was always told that there was something to do all hours long on the ship, but when we awoke at 12:30am and decided to go for a walk we found that everything was closed down (shops, night clubs, and lounges, Lido Buffet & Lido deck, swimming pools and hot tubs, and there were hardly any people around). We went back to our room and ordered room service where we received a cold grilled cheese and soggy BLT sandwiches. We arrived in the Bahamas around 11:30am that afternoon it was very pretty coming into the port. As we headed to the gangway and exited the boat we were rushed with people taking photos we made our way through the mess of people and started the long walk down the dock to the shopping area. We did not plan shore activities ahead of time as there were so many people in our group. We decided to go through the straw market and to the beach. On our journey we and our children were offered to buy drugs, and I felt overwhelmed in the straw market. We made it to the beach where there was garbage all over the place, broken glass in the sand, and garbage in the water. My son was still enjoying the swimming and I had an ok time until a man and lady got into a fight on the beach the man screamed out all kinds of profanities and then threatened to shot the tourists. At that point we gathered our things and headed back to the boat. We enjoyed a little sun on the deck by the pool and then got ready for the captain's dinner. I was told that we would really enjoy this. We all got dressed up and arrived early. We were seated and ordered our food. They offered lobster tail on this night. We were never offered a glass of wine as we were told, nor did the captain ever come out. This night we discovered that most everything closed at 8pm. The lido deck buffet closed at 6pm and the golf was closed at 8pm. The golf was on the top deck outside so when the winds were high or it was raining we could not play. There were no on-board announcements to inform passengers of on-board activities throughout the day. The elevators in the plaza were broken and there fore we had to walk clear across the ship to get to the main plaza and shopping area. There was a duty free shop where you could purchase tobacco products and alcohol. You were not informed that you were only able to carry off one liter of alcohol per person and one carton of smokes. The activities for the kids were not sufficient.

The food was good. There were short lines at the buffets, and good hot food.

On board activities were not announced. There were two shows each night; one at 7pm and the same one at 8:45pm, and then the adult comedy show at 10:30. These were not kid friendly. The mini golf was outside and could not be played in the rain or high winds.

I was pretty disappointed and unimpressed. This was not what others said they experienced on the same cruise. I would like to take another cruise as I enjoyed relaxing with my family, but will research another cruise line and destination next time.

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