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Age: 40 something

Occupation:food service worker

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: 2010-08-30

Itinerary: Bahamas

AUG. Sail Always Do Your Homework!!!!! As A Rule, I Usually Always Plan and Research everything prior to my trip! This time however, with taking a cruise for the very first time I only research the items we were excepted to receive on the ship and the Islands that we were to stop at on the itinerary. The most exciting part at first was boarding the ship. Embarking went smoothly. Had to wait 2 hours however to get in our cabins. That was annoying. Traveled with children who wanted to hit the waterworks right away and could not due to no luggage. Next time we will have suits on prior to boarding and other families should make their lives easier by doing so and bring towels. As in prior reviews stated the Sensation Ship is very dated!!!!!! Needs a desperate change of style and color!!!! Needs to be kept Cleaner!!! The entire Staff Needs to take a Crash Course in English 101!!!!!! I can count at least 10 staff members who did not speak any English!! How R They Given Jobs I Dont Know???? After 2 hours of still not having our cabin yet, I used a restroom off of and close to our Deck, only to have some Maintenance member actually unlock the door and walk in on me while using the bathroom!!!!! The Lido Deck restaurant was extremely filthy and dirty!!!! Shame on Carnival for Not Upkeeping this Ship!!! Disgusting!!! For the Person who wrote a review Stating that "The Sensation Ship is a "Ghetto Cruise" I could not agree with them more!!!!! I know that this cruise was extremly affordable for anyone to take but I also know it was not free either!!!! There was only 1 show that my children could see on the ship and the "Camp Carnival" That is talked about without end was a Nightmare Place. I checked it out on the second day of the cruise and almost wanted to barf!!!! The room was filthy dirty and sick children were lying all over the place, half of them were only half dressed too!!! The combined all ages between 2-11 in one small Germ-Filled Room!!! Then the parents want to know why everyone gets sick on a ship. The Entire Ship was so Dirty I could not believe my eyes!! Windows, Doors Lido Deck, Pools were Gross Me Out!!! The Only Clean Area was our assigned Dining Room Fantasy. But the service by the waitor was terrible!!!! We were on Our Time Dining and we were Rushed everytime we went into that Dining Room to eat. The waitors do not like it when u r on Your Time Dining because u can eat late and they want to hurry and get their areas ready for the next day and do not want u to hold them up!!1 The only person on the ship who deserved any recognition or tipping was our Statesman attendent. 2 stops for us first Freeport-- DONT Even bother wasting your time at this Island!!! What a joke. The water is the only nice thing there!!! Nassau is the Nicer of the two Islands. Go to Atlantis and stay there as long as you can!!! Truly is Paradise!!! Worth every penny we had to spend there. The workers could use a refresher course also on using Proper English and Being Extra Nice to Americans. They can be Lazy and Very Rude to you. Especially when they know u r on a Cruise Ship and not a Resort Guest!!!! If I take another Carnival Cruise I will make sure Im not on a "Ghetto Cruise" This Time and Definately will be on a Clean and Newer Ship with Employees That Speak English!!!! The Most Disgusting Thing on the Ship was the Foul Smells every time u walked up and down the hallways on the Decks!!!! Finally, It will never cease to amaze me with all of the security measures takened now with getting on the ship that people still manage to bring Drugs on Board!!!! The Cabin right across from ours Reeked of Mariquana so bad that it filled the entire floor of it every night we were on the ship!!!! I know there are many other of my fellow passengers that wanted to express these same thoughts on our ship so I took the opportunity to speak for them as well. SENSATION IS SO DONE!!!!

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