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Age: 26


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: 2010-10-21

Itinerary: Bahamas

This was my first cruise and it may be my last. The best part of the cruise was the diversity of staff that I met. I was impressed with the good attitudes of the staff.

The food was decent at best. In the dining hall, the food was generally crusted over by the time that it arrived at the table, which is a little disgusting. The time between preparation and delivery to the table is much too long. Breakfast was the only meal I was impressed with, and eating a substantive breakfast on the deck was a great experience. It was very difficult to find anything good to eat closer to midnight. More specifically, there is only one place to get something to eat that late, with only one person preparing the food.

Granted, we stayed in a smaller room with no balcony, but we still paid good money for the cruise. I barely slept because of the poor temperature control in the room and the incredible amount of noise throughout the night. Our room was in the far front of the ship and there was a lot of commotion above us all night. Not good for a light sleeper. The air quality in the rooms is despicable and they smell like a cheap hotel. If you have asthma, you're out of luck because someone's smoke kept leaching into our room (adding to the sore throat from the horrible air quality). I drank one can of soda from the room and left the can on the counter. I was charged nine dollars for two drinks (I only drank one). And how do they charge four dollars per can in the room. It's almost criminal.

The onboard activities were plentiful. There is a lot of selection. There are clean comedy routines during the day and not-so-clean routines during the late-night hours. As has been stated frequently, prepare to be approached way too often by staff trying to get you to by a certain drink, and be prepared to pay five dollars for a can of beer, plus 15 percent gratuity. A pina coloda will cost a little over nine dollars. The main show was great the first night, but we walked out of the second night's show. (If you want to highlight sensation and partying that is fine, but please don't mock God in the process. It was a little ludicrous, but that is only my opinion.)

When you go to Nassau, take a guided tour around the city in a taxi. We paid twenty dollars for the two of us, because we had a full van. The guide was genuine and entertaining. If you go to the free Cabbage Beach, prepared to be harassed non-stop by local vendors. I mean, there was not a minute that went by without them soliciting us. They even did it when we were dozing on the chairs. Also, do not pay for chairs on the beach, walk a little farther down, and there are chairs for free (you pay the workers there tips). One more thing, the water is incredible, crystal clear with a greenish-blue tint; however, the majesty of it is slightly cheapened by the two dozen jet skies and para-sailing boats whose exhaust is like a knife in the nose. I guess for a free beach, this is the price one pays. Also, check out the inside of the Atlantis, its free.

The trip was great because it was with the woman I love. Time spent soaking up the sun on the Serenity deck (no kids) was revitalizing. The tour of Nassau was enlightening, although a tad disappointing with all the solicitation going on non-stop. We did no excursions as we ran up an incredible bill on the ship simply buying drinks and getting a spa treatment. The sound during the main shows was amateur, and the dining room entertainment was average at best. If you get this cruise for a good price and you haven't been on a luxury cruise, try it out. If you are used to the finer things in life, this will be a prison sentence. I was happy to get to a condo in Florida, if that tells you anything.

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