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Age: 58

Occupation:radiation therapist

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: 2012-02-9

Itinerary: Nassau

Was really looking forward to my first cruise but I'm sorry to say Carnival was so disappointing. Not only were general things such as meals less than desired but we were also robbed by the Carnival staff of $70 worth of our possessions with no way to recover our losses.

If you enjoy cafeteria quality food you won't be disappointed in the fare offer on Sensation. If on the other hand you like your hot food served hot and aren't big on lukewarm burgers and hot dogs every meal you might want to book with a different cruise line.

Also be prepared to stand in line a lot for your food as they seem to have trouble getting the food out on the buffet on time.

Our cabin was as we expected for an interior room with bunk beds. It was small and cramped but was ok. The mattresses were thin and not comfortable but again as expected.

We didn't do many of the onboard activities as they were geared alot to the drinking crowd which we are not. I was disappointed that the gym didn't open up any earlier than 7 am.

Keep in mind that we were robbed during our experience with Carnival so our advice is to keep your luggage with you at all times and never leave anything in your stateroom that is valuable since the staff have sticky fingers and Carnival's stance is "too bad so sad we aren't responsible for what our staff goes to you".

Be aware that this cruise caters to those who drink alot. There is never a shortage of waiters wanting to sell you drinks any time you sit on deck to enjoy the view.

A word of caution about the hot tubs- since so many people crowd into them with drinks in hand and spill their drinks- the pH balance is very high and so its very harsh on your skin. That is if you can even find room in one to try.

If you like to have quiet calm time together you may be disappointed because the noise levels are extremely high almost everywhere on the ship. But there are a couple places- the library was nice but was booked for a private party on of the two nights we were out and the serenity deck was very nice until the drinking crowd found it and the hot tubs we talked about earlier.

It started off by being 5 1/2 hours late to depart due to the ship's supplies not being loaded on time.

Then the luggage we had tagged and given to them to load took a long time to be delivered to our cabin. When it was finally delivered it had been rifled through and $50.00 in cash and medications worth $20.00 were stolen.

We filed a report and security searched all of our luggage, had us sign a report and basically closed the file without any further ado. Carnival informed me that in no uncertain terms will they be held responsible for their staffs actions.

We enjoyed Nassau but had very little time to explore all the areas we wanted to see as we were so late getting in due to the late departure.

The food wasn't as good as I had hoped and standing in line for everything got old fast.

There were some good deals in the gift shops which was nice.

Debarking was as unorganized as the embarking was. Lots and lots of standing and waiting to get off the ship.

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