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The Family

Age: 42 and 45

Occupation:resort owners

Number of Cruises: 1st

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: 2004

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

Just returned from EXCELLENT weather on a very fun ship! We took our 4 children ages 7,9,11 & 15. This review is geared for travelers with kids trying to save as much money as possible. It cost us 5,000 before we left our home just to get on this ship for 6persons air/sea. A special THANKS for this web site it is the BEST site for cruise information. We found it very useful for our trip. Travel a day ahead. We found a hotel Radisson that kept our car all week for free. Ask for the Park and Fly. We just spent the night and glad we did. We were only 20 miles from port in the morning.

Embarkment was very efficient. We got to the ship 1:30 pm and were on board within an hour. Take the advice of filling out your fun pass ahead of time at under: BOOKED GUEST. You can fill out your fun pass there. Saves you plenty of time filling out forms. Our ship did not sail till 8:30 pm due to engine problems so the first night was a bust because you couldn't gamble, pool was not yet filled (yes, it is ocean water but the kids loved it). We needed the time anyways to explore the ship, the drinks were flowing and the food in abundance! When you purchase your first drink a souvenir glass ins 6.75, however you can ask for a regular glass for 4.50. I was glad I put a bottle of wine and a liter of Vodka in my suitcase. It saved us dearly. You beer & cocktail drinkers might as well order top shelf because it's all the same price and they make a good drink. If I did this cruise all over again I would get a larger cabin with a window. We were at E28 & E34 inside no window. Pitch dark day or night. Thanks to the people on this site who recommended clocks & a extra power strip. There was only one plug and that took care of the clock!Also pack a jacket and sweats or jeans, it does get chilly at night. We chose NOT to pre plan our activities in Cayman and Cozumel and so glad we did! Since we left 2 hours late we did not arrive in the Cayman Island till 9 am. If you do plan ahead do not plan for a early excursion. This creates too much pressure and does not allow for things like this to happen. In the Cayman we took a Taxi and managed to find a beach for free to swim. We avoided the 5.00 a chair by using the Carnival towels, provided with your cabin. Again, remember we are paying for 6! It was 30.00 for us to go one way anywhere on shore. Don't forget your video camera for the Caymans it is sooo beautiful there! Cozumel is the best place to buy souvenirs although I do not think they gave us enough of a discount as they should have, stay firm and walk away! However you can easily find 5.00 t-shirts that are awesome! The food is awesome, the service is great. Even when it wasn't

(yes, that will happen) please understand that these people are on board 6 months a year (away from their families) making 70.00 a MONTH. They do make 15% of whatever they manage to sell you at the bar, photos, store etc. Over all you are treated like children were safe to roam anywhere, help was always near by, and the ship, your room will always be spotless! Cut them some slack. Camp Carnival wasn't for my kids, but other enjoyed it and there was still other things for them to do. I would take this cruise again.


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