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Age: 35

Occupation:Special Education Teacher

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: March 27th, 2006

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

Spring break in the Bahamas was great. Thank God for plenty of sunshine and friends, it made up for a cruise ship that was a wreck. The ship had problems right from port. The itinerary was changed before we left port. The only reason we selected this ship was because of Grand Turks, otherwise we would have gone on another. After I booked the cruise I found out it was a FEMA ship. Wondered if it would pose a problem, but advertisements said it was extensively refurbished. After the itinerary change, we boarded the ship to have lunch on the Lido deck. It was so so because we were hungry, I din't pay to much attention to the food that wasn't replenished or the machines running out of juice, lack of cups, or crew to assist by keeping the food area spotless. Right away out at sea it was a rocky start. The boat had more "turbulent" motion that I thought was normal. I wondered if it was due to a sea that was rough or an engine that wasn't working properly. Accordingly, that was why there was an itinerary change.

There was a sewage smell in the hallway to the cabin and in the stairs by the Atrium. (Apparantly, sewage lines burst). They tried to remedy the problem by turning the water off in the cabin each night between 1-5am, right after they held late night dance and buffets. It was just in time for me to return to my cabin and not wash my hands before I took my contacts out to retire for the evening, or wash my hands to prevent the "n" virus that affects people on cruise ships. They only offered down blankets which my roommate and I were both allergic to. When I asked for more blankets, I was told the ship was out, I asked to at least have four beach blankets to sleep under for the night. The following night they found more.

The swimming pool was missing parts of the ladder rungs, as a result one's foot was exposed to a four inch rusty screw waiting to find a home under the absentee plank. Lucky it didn't find it's way into one's foot.

The elevator was faulty, at one point it almost didn't open.

Not to be all negative, the dining room food was good, and my waiter was as well. Although, there was a lack of drink options that posed to be a problem throughout the length of the cruise.

They ran out of water on Half Moon Cay and the Snorkel Excursion reminded me of the movie OPEN WATER. True story as was the fact that I had to ask five times for equipment and practically beg to put my name on the boat list that I was really on board. We were allowed to snorkel in extremely strong currents and two - three foot waves.

I love cruisiing but will not return to Carnival unless they admit they should have never sailed in the first place. After all the preparation and money, I will make sure that I choose a boat that is sea worthy and not in dry dock for six months!



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