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Age: 31

Occupation:Retail Wireless Consultant / Bartender

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: March 27th, 2006

Itinerary: Bahamas

To Whom It May Concern.

The following is a list of complaints lodged by me, Katyisha Martin, my fiancé, and a host of other people we became acquainted with on this excursion due to the HORRIFYING experience of using Carnival Cruise lines.

Experiences on Carnival Cruise Line "Sensation"

1. Destination changed, after being promised by travel agent and checking to ensure that our party would indeed be taken to Grand Turks Islands. This did not happen. (I have researched and found that this is common with Carnival Cruise Lines. We requested to go to Grand Turks, and it was the only reason we agreed upon this cruise.)

2. Boarding of the ship was to be early because we were with a wedding party that paid extra, so that we would have ample time to dress and prepare for ceremony. (Did not happen). Wedding scheduled for 1:30 p.m. By the time we boarded we had 20-45 minutes to get make up, hair, dressed etc. Some of us dressed in bathrooms that were not clean, and in hallways with vomit on the floor, because our rooms were not yet ready.)

3. Non-sailing wedding party guests (the bride's mother and friends) were all rushed off the ship without being allowed to take photos with the bride, resulting in a depressed and irritable bride the entire cruise.)

4. Wedding coordinator told us to talk to information desk about any issues we had. (They were VERY rude, and told us there was nothing we / they could do about it, so the best thing to do was try to enjoy ourselves.)

5. Pool was dirty, mildewed, unsanitary and disgusting.

6. Water slide was broken the entire trip.

7. Ice-cream machine was broken. (Which was one of the only things we felt may be safe to eat), being the other food was completely inedible).

8. Nightly buffet closed early, when there was food available.

9. Extra and miscellaneous charges on sign and sail card with no explanation.

10. We were told by staff there was to be a $10 per day gratuity fee. We were also told we could tip as we saw fit. Upon observation of our bill there was a 15% gratuity added for everything that we purchased. Even when the drinks were made incorrectly and returned to the bar, also the bar staff was rude.

11. No beer at Half Moon Cay. (We were told they ran out and although we received someone else’s bill and the wrong ticket, (which we accidentally signed) we were told too bad.

12. Charges on my sign and sail card from a bar that we never were in. (Was told that they had to take care of it on the last day of the cruise. Now I know why they took them off and added them directly to my boyfriend’s card because we shared a cabin.)

13. Freeport was completely disgusting and unacceptable. (To replace this with Grand Turks, which is the only reason we booked this cruise, was never discussed with us or any of the other passengers we came into contact with, and, was an unacceptable presumption by your Cruise Line to think that we would agree to this.)

14. We were told this boat was completely renovated. (Well, that was a lie all in itself, because there was rust and mildew in our windows. The bathroom vents were disgusting, our shower, mirror, and first and foremost OUR linens were dirty. We were told we were the second voyage on this boat. Found from a previous itinerary that this was also a lie and was given another list of different lies as to why we would not be going to our promised destination, and we found out the boat had been used by survivors of Hurricane Katrina for emergency shelter and residency for several months, (information from a news article).

15. We were then asked for additional tips for poor service, and even for asking too many questions on the boat.

16. Shower head was broken and disconnected from wall in shower, only for the hose to beat me excessively in my back and head.

17. I watched a carnival cruise advertisement for 5 days about how my experience would be great. It was not.

18. I even asked previous to our boarding (because things were going so badly already) if there was anyway we could cancel and just stay in Florida. We were told no.

19. The snorkeling excursion. (We should have never gone), the alternator belt broke; all of the life saving devices were cut up and damaged. We were told that when we booked excursions there would trained professionals aboard to ensure that we were safe, not to mention that we tried to book other excursions and they would not accept them, then turned right around and said they were all sold out.)

20. I could go on and on, and upon request I will give further information. But the biggest upset ever, was to find that my boyfriend of 3 years, fiancé of six (6) months had planned to set a wedding date, but after seeing how horrible an experience I was having, he DID NOT; he waited until we got home because he was going to surprise me with A CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THIS IS LIKE A HUGE NIGHTMARE! THANKS, CARNIVAL.

I do want to recognize that out of 5 days on the HELL SHIP, I had 3 people that were actually polite. At table #158 Martina, our waitress. This lady was as sweet as could she could be. Even though she was apologizing for some kind of mess up every evening about 15 times per table visit, she was sweet and concerned. Another lady at the information desk, the last night of our cruise was very polite. (I will give credit where credit is due) If she documented anything her name will be available (she had long brown hair, and Barry, the guy in the piano bar.) But out of this 5 day horrifying hellish nightmare the only thing I can state is this was totally unacceptable and I will NEVER encourage anyone to use Carnivals services until something has been done to compensate for the Twilight Zone adventure!

I work and have worked with the public for many years, and if I received one of these complaints I would no longer be employed and if in charge of operations I would immediately fire anyone who provided such ill service.)

As I write this I become upset and will just be reliving this series of incidents on what should have been an enlightening and memorable trip for all involved. I have emailed people from our trip and we all feel and know to be offered some kind of partial credit is completely unacceptable. I hope someone will take the time to look at the overall picture and situations that were forced on all of us. You can look at your books and see how much money we spent in just our cabin alone. I implore you to make this right. All this money to be treated in such a manner and to be starved to boot! This was not a pleasure cruise; it was a floating death sentence! We were just lucky enough to escape.

Katyisha Martin



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