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Age: 28


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: April 9th, 2006

Itinerary: Bahamas

First off, let me state that I am NOT a chronic complainer and am the type of person who ALWAYS makes lemonade out of lemons. HOWEVER, making the most out of this cruise was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

After receiving a letter from Carnival informing us that we could board beginning at 1:30 pm, we arrived about an hour later and were hollered at by the parking attendant, "They won't let you in yet. Go get something to eat for an hour." When I called Carnival for an explanation, they said, "That's not our problem, that's homeland security," and were very short with me.

We eventually boarded and had to hold our noses as we walked through the hallways, the smell of sewage permeating the walls. Our room was OK, but our shower did not work well and the water alternated between scorching and freezing. Also, the vent above our bed was dirty and leaked black dirt on our white bed the entire time! We tried to get something to eat on the Lido Deck, but the lines weren't moving.

Later that night...the weather was not cooperating and the seas were rough. I couldn't stand up long enough to make it through dinner, so I left my bed to make a quick run to the pizza buffet. Half hour line. On the way back to the room I noticed a security guard on the stairs. He looked at me funny, but didn't say a thing. I continued down the stairs and almost stepped in a HUGE puddle of vomit. The security guard seemed amused. Thanks for the warning, buddy. I was still hungry enough to consume my cold pizza.

Day 2. Freeport. Did the dolphin excursion. Waas herded like cattle. Probably heard thirty people complaining. Was allowed aboout a minute on a platform with the dolphin. Best day of the cruise, even though it was raining. At dinner, wine glasses and dishes crashed because of the waves. I heard on man exclaim, "This is hell."

Day 3. Nassau. 45 mile/hr wind gusts. Went to Pearl Island on a shore excursion where we were promised a free beach barbeque, snorkeling and leisure time on the beach. Well, the beach was twice the size of our living room. A hundred of us were herded there first, where we were charged $5 for a chair! We shivered while we waited to snorkel. When we were herded to the snorkeling part, the three couples in front of us said not to do nit, they saw two fish and a bunch of grass. We didn't listen. They were right. The day couldn't end soon enough. Without our wallets, we were hungry and thirsty, since the bartender wouldn't even give me a cup of ice to wash down my tylenol! Finally, the boat came. Since it was the first return boat, everyone wanted to get on and out of the island! They crammed it way too full, and wouldn't even let some people on! It was awful- elbow-to-elbow for 45 minutes. Not a good day.

Day 4- Fun Day at Sea. NOT! Since the weather was actually better we went up to the pool. Standing room only. We had planned on getting in the smaller 6-8 person hot tub until we counted 23!!! kids under the age of ten in there at one time. And they were almost ALL spitting water at each other and whoever walked by. So much for that idea. Waited in line for 45-minutes for the lunch buffet which turned out to be bad food. Since the head chef was from India, all the food was saffron-infused and there were lots of couscous type dishes. The only good food I had the whole time were the sit-down dinners.

Day 5- Debarkation! Thank God! Took forever to get off the ship but we found our luggage right away and it was a huge relief to be on solid ground. Had vertigo for 2 days, though.

The verdict- I can't knock Carnival because I had a lovely time two years ago on the Paradise in the Eastern Caribbean, but PLEASE don't put yourself through this misery. They should have just let the Hurricane victims have this ship, what a dirty, rotten stinkpit. Would never relive those five days for anything. Feel bad for the crew, because there were some nice people, like the cabin steward Iryna, who have to live there. All in all, it was a nauseating Sensation and will never repeat it.



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