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Age: 39

Occupation:Engineering inspector

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Carnival

Ship: Carnival Sensation

Sailing Date: April 1st, 2006

Itinerary: Bahamas

First of all, my wife and I heard on the news approximately 1 month prior to our cruise that the Sensation was used for Hurricane relief (FEMA) this alarmed us so we contacted Carnival Cruise Lines and they assured us that the ship would be 100% ready for our cruise and the ship was refurbished after it left Louisiana. We were still a little nervous and here is the rest of the story….

EMBARKATION We arrived at Port Canaveral and were dropped off. This went really smooth and we boarded the ship within 35 minutes or so. Upon entering the ship we were handed a piece of paper showing the itinerary change that the ship was not going to Grand Turk. Instead we were stopping at Freeport Bahamas. We were upset because the Grand Turk port was the main reason we booked this cruise.

The ship was late leaving that afternoon as the crew frantically made last minute repairs to the ship. Dinner and the entertainment was good and when it came time for bed we tried to use the shower and the water would barely come out of the shower head, so I took it apart and worked on it until water came out. After this, we had water fill up the bathroom and flood the area getting my clothes wet. On top of all this, sewage was coming up through the floor and the smell was horrendous. On top of the shampoo and conditioner dispensers was about a ½ inch of dirt and mold.

DAY 1. FREEPORT. We left the ship at 10am and back on the ship at 10:50am. What a joke! This was supposed to take the place of Grand Turk. My wife and kids went to a Tee shirt hut while I sat on a bench listening to numerous complaints from other people. I could have started a mutiny. We decided to spend the day on the ship and let the kids swim and enjoy the water slide. After getting our swim suits on and having lunch we were informed that the pool was not open and the water slide was out of order. I complained to a Carnival crew member and he told me the pump was not working on the slide and he didn’t know about the pool. He told us the ship was trashed in Louisiana and there are a lot of problems wrong with the ship. He told me to complain to the captain. This day was shot, the kids are bored, and the ice cream machine was broke. I never believed my family would feel this way on our first day of or cruise. We found ourselves in the room watching TV then my son and I went to play basketball, but the backboard and rim was damaged. We did enjoy our dinner and the show. Our waiter was very good.

DAY 2. NASSAU. We knew going into this day that Nassau was going to be bad based on our friends who went there. We walked around town and did a little shopping and dreamed about going to Atlantis resort instead of this lousy cruise. After about 2 hours we went back to the ship and had all the things happen all over again. Luckily, we met some people from our home town and talked with them for a while. The pool was open, but the water slide still didn’t work. The first thing Carnival shows in the advertisements is the kids sliding down the slide. Sounds like false advertising to me. Once again the dinner and show was good.

DAY 3. HALF MOON CAY. This was the high light of the trip. We really enjoyed this day with the nice white sand beaches and the clear water. We booked a snorkeling excursion and we enjoyed every minute of this day (away from the ship). Again, dinner and the show were good.

DAY 4. AT SEA. This was a very boring day just laid around, but guesses what? The water slide was working for about 2hrs. Not bad considering we were on the way to dinner when we noticed. We attended the past guest party and all we heard was complaining about the Sensation and the rough condition it was in.

DAY 5. BACK AT PORT. We were very excited to get off this nasty cruise ship. Debarkation took about 2 ½ hours. While we were waiting for our ride I was talking to a Carnival Cruise Lines worker. He said this was the 3rd cruise since the ship was used for FEMA and it needs to be dry docked to fix it right. He said Carnival was well aware of the problems, but failed to do anything because it was the busy season and didn’t want to loose the money. I will not recommend Carnival to anyone and we will never use them again. They should be held responsible for intentionally misleading patrons.



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