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Lisa Smith

Age: 51


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Celebrity Reflection

Sailing Date: 2013-02-11

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

We loved Celebrity. Tasteful, luxurious, and entertaining. The staff was so accommodating and friendly. The concierge class bedding and bathroom extras were worth the $. Would travel on Celebrity again in a minute. Great experience, can't say enough about their staff.. Wonderfully clean boat. They wiped down common areas constantly, like elevator buttons. You never saw dirty handprints on these, and twice i saw why, a nicely appointed staff person disinfecting and wiping the surfaces. It's these little touches that make you feel at home.

It was fabulous for the most part. The food was amazing, especially the beef tournadoes (tenderloin), cedar plank black salmon, molten lava cake (!!) and on and one. The braised lamb shank was so tender. I wish they had the molten lava cake on the menu that was available everyday (like Carnival). One problem with their beverage package, they need to have purified water. They offer no package that has purified water, and with all the salt in the food, we all (4 of us) had swollen ankles every night. We didn't want to drink the water that they had in their packages as they all had sodium in it. (so does soda pop). Hope they add some purified water like nestle or aquafina.

Great. We loved the balcony and at room service breakfast there most days. There is a lot of storage area, especially in the bathroom. Comfortable beds, even though they were firm. Was able to get non allergenic pillows (concierge service) instead of down. Very clean.

Absolutely a blast. We loved the 3-4 times a day trivia games. The interactive games were great in Game On. We enjoyed the Love and Marriage game (in Celebrity Central) as well as the Family Feud. Most comical was Liar, Liar. Oh my word, we laughed until we cried at both that and the Love and Marriage Game. The second in command Greek captain was a stitch! The main entertainment in the theatre was first class. Their cirque de soleil type show was absolutely amazing, including the contortionist. Whatever these kids are being paid, it wasn't enough.

Loved the comedian - so great that it was relatively "clean". Something I hate is a raunchy, lewd comedian and this guy was hilarious, without being crude. The way it should be on a tasteful ship. Highly approve.

1. The Ultimate Island Tour St. Maarten (SMD2). Combination of bus and double decker boat. The woman, Cecilia, on the bus had an extremely heavy Carib accent, and spoken too closely to the microphone. We asked her to pull it away and it helped some, but overall, you couldn't understand most of what she said. I heard her be very rude to someone who asked a question before the boat portion. Later, back on the bus, she apologized to the woman over the loud speaker. Very uncomfortable. The boat part was excellent. We had a blast sitting on the top level, in the shaded part, listening to the D.J. sing live. He was a crack up and kept us very entertained. Too bad we got Cecilia for the bus portion. Otherwise, I'd recommend this tour. If you get her, best to just tune out.

2. Essential St. Kitts Tour (KT21) - We had LeRoy as our tour guide, and were in a small bus. He was very entertaining and it was a wonderful tour. Enjoyed Romney Gardens, the Batik Studio and the Brimstone Hill Fortress - amazing. Great when our boat left and kept going along St. Kitt coastline and we could see the fort from the water! Highly recommend this tour. I do think the tour guide is what makes or breaks how fun this can be.

3. St. Kitts Nature Adventure (KT91) - save your money. We went on this and it's touted to be 4 things: safari vehicle, short hike to base of mountain, stop at top Hill with views of Frigate Bay and Half Moon Bay, seeing both Carib and Atlantic. The tour guide was very friendly. Unfortunately, he allowed people to spend way too long at a hike place (looking at some plants). His rum concoctions were excellent, and he brought homemade banana bread so he gets cudos for that. However, the stop at the top to see views of the Bays was almost non-existant. We weren't allowed to get out of the vehicle, so what ever pics we could take sitting around other people were it. We basically did a drive by. Not sure why, when he got us back to the ship 10 minutes early. The vehicle itself was not a safari vehicle. I did see others that were, but not ours. It was more like a pick up with 2 long benches that sat front to back. So we were all seated facing into the vehicle, with our backs to the road and landscapes. Seat belts that didn't work too. When it rained, we got a bit wet. Thankfully he passed out some rain ponchos to the ones in the back (me) so that helped. Rain stopped after about 20 mins. Was it okay, yes. Just know it's much more Nature, and very little seeing the "best views of the island". We went for the panoramic views and were trying to snap some as we drove by. I suggest instead getting a cab, or renting a car, and seeing these views of Frigate Bay and Half Moon Bay and Carib and Atlantic at same time by yourself. Take your own rum and have a day of it.

We loved Celebrity. They need to fix a few small things, but we'd go back in a minute. Hope to travel with them again. The staff was top notch and the entertainment the best we've seen.

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