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Age: 39


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Constellation

Sailing Date: 2008-12-22

Itinerary: Carribian

From all the good things I have had heard about cruises, Constellation was no where to be compared. Lets say this was my first and my last cruise, ever! I have been on plenty of vacations all over the world, and I have never ever been treated the way The Constellation staff treated me! They treat their customers like one of the sheep! There are over 2,000 people on board and not enough staff to take into consideration. The doctors are phoney, and God forbid if you get sick from their food! Instead of treating their patience, they order you to isolate yourself in your room for 2 days, and thats an order! Your healthy roommate has to stay in 24 hours, and if you decide not to obey by their orders, you are off the ship, no ifs and no buts! Also, no such thing as All Inclusive, thats an illusion, you want a drink or water bottle? you pay for it! You want to use the steam room? you pay for it. You get on to an island, want to do other than just shop? Then pay for it! To top it off, outdoor pool made for 10-15 people max. The rest are Jacuzzies fool of people. Like to sit by the pool, no can due, no seats available, at all! And the intertainment was nothing to write home about. Next time I will take my hard earned money and go to an all Inclusive hotel in extapa, where they treat me like a real costumer, they appreciate my business, do not order me around, have a full time staff that play games and teach dancing all day long, and the pool is as big and clean as the sea! Now thats a vacation!
Except for the fact that my friend got food poisening from eating a "Raw Stake", the food was repetitive and not inviting. I must say, I lost weight rather than gain any! ( they get a plus for that!) Besides who feels like eating on a rockey ship and throwing it all up afterwords? Not for me thank you. P.s. if you are a vagaterian, take your own food!
I felt like I was on an airplane, compact and rocky! It was for sure not a heaven to turn to at the end of the day, or the middle of the day! If you are clustrophobic, and get easily seasick, trust me, stay home! You will have a better time!
Except for the gym, there were no activities that were free of charge. No real activities by the pool. Just loud music and 2000 people!
This I did not get to experience, but if you got more money to burn, go for it, it can not be less fun than the ship!
It was a trip from Hell! After 3 days off the ship, I am still jetlagged! Will never do it again, especially through Celebrity!

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