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Sabrina Boyd

Age: 36

Occupation:Computer Analysis

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Galaxy

Sailing Date: November 14th, 2003

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

Hello, this is my second Cruise - my first was 15 years ago on my honeymoon - So of course that one was perfect.

First About me - I'm 36 a wife and a mother and a full time worker - I enjoy quiet time to myself. - For me this cruise was very much what I wanted.

If you are looking for Young, all night, party type cruises - I would suggest looking at another ship. But if you want class, pampering, and attention to detail then I think this would fit your needs.

Room - we stayed in a class 2 room with a outside deck and a pull out couch - I went with 2 other women - and we were amazed at the storage space in this room - we all unpacked completely and still had 2 small draws with nothing in them - The room itself is small - but hopefully you'll only be in there to change your clothes or sleep.

Our Room man was efficient - even though I don't think he spoke any English - everything was done to perfection. In the rooms they had a TV, VCR, Phone, Hair Dryer, mini-bar, Fridge, shampoo, lotion, robes and a safe.

We were on the Vista Deck - 9th floor almost in the center of the ship - I would strongly suggest ensuring you're as centered as can be - especially if you may get seasick.

They provide beach towels for you to take on your excursions off the ship - Good size and nice, if you lose it they charge you $28.00

Ship - It was very beautiful - Clean, Well laid out and the elevators were very quick -
There were many different bars, lounges, and a child center - Any place that I went I enjoyed and felt was very well maintained. The staff, of course, was wonderful and very helpful.

We ate the main sitting 6:00pm - The food was very good, beautifully presented, nice variety. I enjoyed the fact that Breakfast and lunch in the Orion Restaurant was an open sitting - I don't like being forced to eat all 3 meals on a timetable. This also allowed you to meet many different people, or you could dine alone.

Food - Yes - there is food everywhere - and 24 hour room service (never used it) incase you get the munchies late at night. I personally stuck with my normal breakfast - cereal and coffee - but they had many different choices. Lunches were in 3 or 4 different places each day - I enjoyed dining in the Orion - I chose smaller lunches, but their Quiche is WONDERFUL.

Dinner - Well there is where I choose to make up for breakfast and lunch - 6 course dinners are just too good to pass up. And if you're good to your waiters you can always get those extra desserts!!! And you do not have to gain weight on a ship - I'm big to start with, but I actually lost a pound during my 10 days. Don't waste your calories on breakfast, save it all for the dinners.

Drinks - Well I didn't like this aspect - you could ALWAYS fine a waiter pushing drinks - but the free beverages - lemonade, ice tea, coffee, water - well those you had to get yourself - when you could fine which station was open. I would strongly suggest either buying the soda card up front - $50.00. Or bringing a normal size travel type mug from home - so when you do fine the drink station you can actually get enough to drink - the glasses provided are 6oz. Also - If you are a drinker - read the newsletter and find out what the drink of the day is - it's about half price!!!

The Pools and Hot Tubs were nice size and not over crowded. There were plenty of deck chairs - But of course there are ALWAYS the people who 'save' them. Personally I never had a problem moving those towels and sitting down. If you're into it, there is even a topless sunning deck - I don't think anyone was ever up there. My Cruise mates were a tad on the older side.

Other Stuff - There is e-mail from the ship at .50 cents a minutes - very nice.
Phone calls from the ship are $8.00 a minute - and some how they calculate differently then I did - I watched the clock from the time the phone rang until I hung up and it was 4 minutes but I was charged $55.00.

Liquor - we were told we could only take 1 liter each without paying duty. But we and most other people walked off the ship with 4 liters and no one said a word. Bailey's and Crown Royal sold out the first day - so if you want it buy it ASAP. I was told the extra for the duty would be $2.70 a bottle if we went over - still a good price.

Shows - We enjoyed the shows, they had a good variety including dancing, singing, comedy, piano, acrobatics and magic. They also had a movie theater if you didn't enjoy the show.

Excursions - The Keys - Very short and the most unorganized, I booked a trolley, museums and Aquarium packages - Next time, I would not book any thing at this port - once you get off the ship you can find all the things I did right in front of you and decide then if you want to go at that point.

Cozumel - I went to the Ecaret Eco-Archaeological Park - I enjoyed this park a great deal. It is some Ruins that they basically made a very nice park around. There were restaurants, shops, swimming, snorkeling, bathrooms, aquariums, and shows. It had something for everyone. One of my roommates went on the Helmet dive and loved it.
Our other roommate did the San Gervasio Ruins & Swim - said it was OK.

Belize - Well Once you get past the city - which is depressing, it is a beautiful country.
I did the Cave Tubing - It was nice, but even with 40 headlamps it's still to dark to see most of the time and the 3 hours round trip is kind of long. I was told the snorkeling was wonderful in Belize. I saw a few people that didn't book tours wandering the streets - they did not look like they were enjoying themselves. If you go into Belize - book a tour.

Coco cay - Consider it a Beach Day - it's a wonderful beach - clean and not crowded. The ship brings the food over for you and you just sit back and relax. We got in late, so we were only there a couple of hours that was a disappointment - but the ship can't control the weather.

Nassau - This was by far my favorite place - I did a Stingray Snorkeling, and I found out where I want to retire. This wasn't rushed, although I would have gladly stayed here for days. This was the only place the water was truly - PERFECT, clear to the bottom and just breath taking. I would suggest to ANYONE that they should do the stingray stuff. Even if you can't swim - they stay close enough to shore that you can touch them in knee-deep water. We got to feed them - I love this place.

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