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Roland Moore

Age: 55


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Infinity

Sailing Date: July 4th, 2004

Itinerary: Alaska

We just returned from Alaska, our second cruise. (We took the Royal Caribbean trip out of Galveston last year.)

Alaska was wonderful. The food on Infinity was dreadful. Everyone thought it the worst food they had ever been served on any ship and on any line. The criticisms came equally from people who had taken numerous previous Celebrity cruises as from people who had sailed frequently on other lines.

I would say the food occasionally rose above the level of our town's chain cafeteria. One night we could find nothing appetizing and ended up at the sushi bar. I got up and left a steak half eaten. The chicken was like boot leather.

The only exception was the fresh salmon which was available every other day at breakfast, and the fresh fruit and vegetables. (Royal Caribbean served fresh salmon at every breakfast.) I'm not saying the produce was as good as anything you can get at Grenville Island in Vancouver; only that is was palatable.

By comparison, the Royal Caribbean food was wonderful and available for much longer hours in the forward grille.

Celebrity Infinity at least no longer deserves to be rated amongst ships of the better lines. I lost two pounds over the week despite heading for the ice cream bar to get filled up after repeatedly giving up on anything more substantial.

Sorry to add to the grumblings, but the most disappointed passengers were the frequent Celebrity cruisers who had known much better.

It's hard to say whether someone in Miami has made a conscious decision to reposition Celebrity in the bargain basement below Royal Caribbean, or whether they just don't have it together after the merger. The guessing at dinner was on the former hypothesis.

You'll still enjoy Alaska. Take the Ecotours Whale Boat watching trip out of Juneau. You book right across from the pier; or better yet, on the internet. It was the most awe inspiring nature trip I've ever made: we found a baby whale which came up twenty yards away from the boat, and stared at us, twice. Straight up out of the water stationary for about 20 seconds! Eagles and whales everywhere with the salmon skittering on the surface close to the boat. Incredible.

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