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Age: 52

Occupation:Sony BMG Music Entertainment Exec

Number of Cruises: 10+

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Infinity

Sailing Date: July 30th, 2006

Itinerary: n/a

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Henry Tipone

I have always cruised with Celebrity, but now I am having second thoughts. My latest cruise to Alaska was a disaster from the get go. Ironically everything seemed great; we flew without a hitch from Newark, NJ. We landed in Vancouver with time to spare and took a scenic drive to the seaport. Then disaster struck. Once under way, I was advised that 1 piece of my and our fellow travel companions luggage was “MIA”. In face over 35 garment bags went missing. Apparently they were placed on a cart at the port, and someone forgot to load them. I was advised by the Concierge that our bags will be available in Sitka our first port. In addition, to my bags being lost, the entire intermarry was reversed due to “traffic”. We landed in Sitka with no bags to be found. We were given 2 celebrity T Shirts by the concierge as compensation. After I blew my stack, the Concierge authorized a $200 credit, free laundry service, an unlimited expense account for clothing purchased on board, and a Tux. I was feeling better.

On the way to Juneau, we broke down to an electrical problem with the propulsion system. This lasted about 2 hours. We arrived in Juneau approximately 2 hours late. Our shore excursion was cancelled, but no one from celebrity advised us until we waited in the pouring rain. The Celebrity representative advised us to try a street vendor. We did and were able to get a better excursion for less then the Celebrity price.

We left for Ketchikan and again broke down due to electrical measurements which needed to be taken on the propulsion system. We arrived in Ketchikan at 2:00 PM so in essence the day was shot. We then left for Vancouver. Thank God!

Again we broke down. The Cruise director who we only saw on TV and his lame announcements tried to be cute and advise that we may be sitting here for a week. The crew had no idea what happened. After 4.5 hours we were under way. We arrived at Vancouver 2.5 hours late and were advised the Direct Connect process would not be honored (thought customs) and we were responsible for our luggage and customs. The crew left a phone broadcast message that some flights hand to be changed and that we had to check in at the guest relations desk. Over 2,000 people converged on the desk. Chaos! Then we were herded into the Celebrity Theater. A representative from Celebrity was so confused; she could not give anyone directions. Her main concern was that she had no tables to put everyone’s airline tickets on and she would not proceed until she had tables. I had enough. I rushed the stage knowing well I may wind up in Jail, got my tickets and left the ship.

We arrived at the airport to meet more chaos. Celebrity penned everyone’s luggage in a room, and advised us to fill out documentation for lost luggage, as the luggage was not going to make the planes. Again, I rushed the area, got my luggage and was off. Celebrity “tagged" the luggage with checking right into Newark. I was home free…… NOT! Celebrity booked us a connecting flight in salt Lake 8 minutes apart from the time we landed from Vancouver. My luggage never made it. So in essence celebrity blew it with their customer service and a failing ship. I had luggage 1 day on the cruise, and just received my luggage back 2 days ago. It went to Seattle, Montréal, and back to Vancouver


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