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Age: 30


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Infinity

Sailing Date: July 29th, 2007

Itinerary: n/a

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Overall, I had a terrific time on my Alaskan cruise.

Participating in the US Direct program at the Vancouver airport saved a lot of time.  We did not stand in line much at all, at either the airport or the pier.  All of the crewmembers in the Grand Foyer were welcoming when we walked onboard.  We were immediately offered champagne and mimosas and were escorted to our stateroom.  Every single crewmember we walked by welcomed us aboard.  Our stateroom was bright, clean, and pleasant.  The washroom was larger than I expected.  There was ample closet and drawer space. Our stateroom attendant knocked on the door to meet us shortly thereafter. We went up to the Oceanview Grille to eat some lunch since we were very hungry from our flights. The food was nice for a buffet.

The life-jacket and lifeboat safety drill was efficient and professionally run.

We enjoyed the Thalassotherapy pool for a while before preparing for dinner. It was luxurious and relaxing. Later in the cruise, we found that it tended to get crowded, and there were constantly children trying to get in. I have to credit the security crew because they were always quick to remove the children. By the last day of the cruise, the pool seemed a little less clean than on the first few days. But overall, it is a really nice feature.

We used the gym several times and I was impressed with the variety and availability of equipment. It got crowded a few times, particularly on cruising days, but it was never a problem.

Dinner was always fantastic. Our server was attentive and friendly and the food was always wonderful.

Specific ports:

1)  Ketchikan was our first port call. It is a nice, quaint town with excellent seafood. We browsed the shops, walked through the neighborhood, and ate delicious halibut fish and chips at The Fish House.

We did the Tatoosh Islands Sea Kayaking excursion while in Ketchikan. This was my absolute favorite excursion. The scenery was incredible and the kayaking was a lot of fun. I saw seals nearby and got lots of great pictures.

2)  Juneau was our second port call. It is a pretty city with interesting sites to see. There are a lot of jewelry stores and touristy shops right off the pier, but we strolled off the main drag and enjoyed walking around the main part of the town. After our excursion was over, we enjoyed fantastic seafood chowder, fish and chips, and Alaska Pale Ale at Doc Water’s restaurant near the pier.

We participated in the Extended Helicopter Glacier Trek in Juneau. It was very expensive, but well worth the cost. The helicopter ride was fantastic and we spent three hours hiking around Mendenhall Glacier. One of our guides was young and inexperienced, but the other was excellent, so we made sure we were in his group for the ice-climbing portion (the inexperienced guide was not watching climbers at all while she was belaying them). The glacier was beautiful.

3)  Icy Strait Point was an interesting place to visit. It is very clean, friendly, and small. We hiked through the forest and then went on the whale watching cruise. Although we saw a lot of whales and the boat was very nice, this was my least favorite excursion. A lot of passengers were incredibly rude in their shoving to get a better position on the boat. This detracted from our enjoyment.

My only two complaints about the entire cruise are the following:
1) The smoking policy is not enforced effectively. In my opinion, smoking is allowed in too many public areas and the smoking areas are not defined well. Particularly in the casino, non-smoking tables weren’t usually non-smoking in reality. The ship was fairly smoky at times.

2) One morning, my husband and I were woken up at 0600 to the sound of paint being chipped/scraped off metal deck rails.  It was incredibly loud as it echoed on the ship’s walls.  This continued until 1000, when the crewmember evidently took a break and we got to sleep for a few hours until he resumed his scraping.

These two complaints are very minor and they would absolutely not deter me from taking another Celebrity cruise.

Like any cruise, there are wonderful people and there are incredibly rude people. We learned to avoid the buffet because it was often crowded, chaotic, and frustrating. A lot of people seemed to think they did not need to wait in line like everyone else. We had been told that Celebrity, and the Alaskan itinerary in particular, attracted an older crowd. We were surprised, though, that there was a wide age range. There were a lot more children than we expected and the ship is definitely not kid-friendly. For the most part, however, the other passengers were friendly and nice. We were incredibly lucky to have great table companions for dinner and we have stayed friends even after the cruise.

Disembarkation went very smoothly and everything was easy, convenient, and efficient. The entire crew is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I was very impressed with the crewmembers and the overall experience was fantastic.


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