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Age: 41


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Mercury

Sailing Date: March 18th, 2007

Itinerary: n/a

Celebrity Cruise Line
Mercury Cruise Review


My first cruise and what a disappointment. The others we met there had similar sentiments. I'm still not sure that we will ever cruise again, although lots of people on the ship told us this was not what "real cruises" are like.

We spent two hours in a warehouse before we could get on the ship. I hear that embarkation on other cruise lines is not like this. I hope not.

Before we left we were up in the cafe looking out over San Diego. The windows were so filthy outside, we had to do on the deck to see. They never cleaned the windows before or during the trip. We were docked with Royal Caribbean in Puerto Vallarta and there were two people cleaning windows on that ship.

The pools are not heated and close at 7 pm. The pools were un-useable until we got to Puerto Vallarta (5 days into the trip) and the ocean water warmed up enough. And if you are on a ship where it is supposed to be fun day and night, why do the pools close at 7?

The food at the buffet was ok. Nothing special. The dining room food was much better, but service was lacking. You are not allowed to touch cream, sugar, salt, pepper, etc... for fear of THE VIRUS, so they bring it to you. I spent a week trying to get a cup of coffee with cream. I would get a cup of coffee, but then it would be a challenge to get someone to bring over the cream. It never should have been like that.

The entertainment was lacking. I should not ever sit in a theatre with my fingers in my ears because the acoustics are soooo loud it hurts. A band they had were horribly off key and people walking by kept wincing. They did have a comedian and a singer that were very good.

The rooms were decent and kept very clean.

The overall ship was such a disappointment. It was small, worn, the crew wasn't overly friendly, and the activities were lacking. All I've ever heard from people was how great cruises are and how wonderful the food is, but that clearly was not the case here.

Stay away. Those that will enjoy this are people without kids, that are only there to buy art, and sit inside drinking and playing cards.


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