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Joanne G

Age: 48

Occupation:Graphic Arts

Number of Cruises: 10

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Mercury

Sailing Date: 2009-08-23

Itinerary: Alaska

We have sailed on HAL and Princess in the past. We have been very happy with HAL and chose Celebrity this time for a cruise close to home to try out this line. We had heard it was a "step" up from HAL and we would be very pleased with the service and accommodations. We couldnt have been more disappointed. This cruise was riddled with deficiencies to many to overlook. The service was far below HAL and far below anything I'd ever been on. I would not ever recommend this ship or line.

Let me talk about safety issues. We all know about the standard lifeguard drills. Everyone has to participate and we all have to wear the dreaded life jackets. BUT, its for our own safety that we put these on and familiarize ourselves with the drill proceedures. On this ship, most crew were not wearing the jackets. Most passengers were not wearing them or even brought them with them. The crew allowed this. So, if they look past this one little safety thing.. .how many others are they looking past??

On the tenders, we were going into SITKA and the weather was poor. Heavy rain, some sleet, heavy winds. It was misserable. The Tenders rocked and rolled. On the way back, the tender before us was having trouble docking at the ship. It was being thrown into the side of the ship. Our tender driver was so busy watching this, the boat was being hit side ways by waves and they were coming in through the open doors. Passengers were getting soaked, they were scared and this is not how to position a boat in heavy waves like that. It took him many times to dock as well and when he did. They finally suspended tenders until the weather got better. Through this whole thing, there are workers on the docks and the sides of the tender boats...NONE Of them were wearing life vests!!! Not one... all it took was the loss of footing and any one of them could have been swept over and hit his head and drowned. Where was the officer on watch to make sure his crew was safe and following proceedures? As well as safety of the passenger.

If I saw these small I safe on this ship in their hands should an emergency occur. I am not so sure.

The food was very un interesting. It was bland and nothing jumped out at you as ohhh wow! The steak the first night was overcooked and tough. The portions were small and the deserts were plain and tasteless.
There was a good selection to chose from and the burgers from the patio were fine. There was a buffet one day in the main dining room ( Brunch Buffet) and the waffles were superb! We tried them again the next day at the waffle bar and they were not as good. Soft, left in a warming tray too long. Just nothing like the fresh ones the day before.

The staterooms and ship is tired looking. The couch had a hole in the front of it. There was a moldy grape under the TV and chips ground in to the carpet infront of the couch. There were hairs on the glasses in the bathroom. We mentioned it to the cabin steward. He said he would look after it and it was still there three days later. The room was just a little shabby looking. We chose the SKY SUITE #1048. It was ok for size, a bit small for the money I thought. The pillows on the bed were like flat pancakes. Not comfortable at all. The bed was okay, but it felt like it needed an upgrade soon. The patio furniture was old looking and there were chips in the wood on the deck and paint peeling above your head. The windows were dirty when we arrived and dirtier when we left. The mirrors had finger prints on them. This room was a realy disappointment.
It came with Butler service. He was supposed to help with packing and unpacking bringing movies, games and room service. He was great with the room service, but he never offered his help with packing or unpacking. He also gave us a sketchy answer when we were looking for the DVD's. We finally found them at the front desk ...all 12 titles to chose from...and they were movies over 2-5 years in release.
So, the "buttler" service...not worth it. Give me HAL's Deluxe Verandah suite and Neptune Lounge any day over this!

We didn't participate in too many activities. We thought that these were lacking a bit. They did a shoping talk at the beginning of the cruise for all the ports. So I missed that. Not knowing it was all the ports in one talk.
We played bingo. It lacked the excitement of a great caller.
The movies in the theater were at odd times and not too frequent as well as No popcorn.

If you are looking for a mediocre cruise, with mediocre service. Then this is it. If you are looking for great service and staff that know how to serve you. Try HAL or Oceana or SEAborne.

Our Trip was a terrible experience. The dining staff we had were terrible. The whole experince was terrible. We will never waste our money on Celebrity again... or RCL or Azmara as they are all under the same company. And frankly....the staff and policys start at the heart of the company. So this just shows me how this company is run and I dont want any part of it.

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