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Age: 59


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Millennium

Sailing Date: 2014-09-25

Itinerary: Alaska Cruise

My husband and I took an Alaska cruise with Celebrity Millennium early this September from Seward to Vancouver, and we had a wonderful time on the cruise until we disembarked the ship in Vancouver on Friday morning. At the customs area in Vancouver, I found I had left my down jacket in the stateroom, and I immediately talked to a Celebrity Cruises representative there about going back to the ship to pick ups my jacket. When this person noticed we had signed up for a local excursion, he asked us to go on with the excursion and to call the Celebrity Cruises Lost & Found department on the following Monday, and they would mail it to me at my expense. Since this is one of my most comfortable down jackets, I double-checked with another lady from Celebrity Cruises, and I was given the same information by the lady to "call the Lost & Found department on Monday and they will mail it to you". I felt they both wanted to rush us to get on to the excursion bus ASAP and not to cause delay to the excursion.

At the end of the excursion, the bus driver dropped us off at the Vancouver airport around noon. I found there were Celebrity customer reps at the airport, and I talked to one lady about my lost jacket. This lady was kind enough to make several phone calls to the staffs on Millennium, and at one point she told us the cruise staffs had found the jacket and they could deliver it to me by taxi. With my agreement to pay the transportation fee, she asked us to wait for 40-50 minutes for the delivery. After we waited for 40 minutes, she received another phone call from the cruise staffs, and they told her the delivery was held up by their high management staff for unknown reasons. She finally gave up and asked my to call Lost & Found on Monday, and told me they would deliver the jacket to me if they had it.

On Monday afternoon, I called Lost & Found of Celebrity Cruises, and the customer rep gathered the detail information about my lost jacket. She then told me that Celebrity Cruises does not and will not process this kind of lost items, and I would have to claim it if I purchased the travel insurance. She said the jacket was considered lost when we disembarked the ship. We were totally surprised that this was completely different than the instructions given to us from the previous three Celebrity Cruises personnel. I asked the lady to transfer me to Customer Relation so I could file a complaint. After talking to Tammy at Customer Relations, Tammy was surprised and disbelieved about the information I received from Lost & Found, and Tammy told me she would find out more from Lost & Found. Tammy called and told me that it is Celebrity Cruises policy that they do not keep and will throw away any clothing and garments when customers left behind on the ship and will not process the search. After I complained about getting the inconsistent information from different Celebrity personnel, Tammy requested Lost & Found to check with the cruise staffs again. A week later, Corian from Lost & Found emailed and informed me that they were not able to find my jacket.

How could a jacket just disappear? We could have cancelled our excursion right at the port and gotten back on to the ship to retrieve the jacket that I loved most if Celebrity Cruises personnel had told us the accurate information of how they handle the lost & found items.

We definitely will not plan our future cruise tours with Celebrity Cruises because they really have no idea of how to take care of their customers. The mistake of handling customer lost properties just wiped out the entire effort that they had been trying to make its customer satisfactory. We felt that Celebrity Cruises had robbed us.

The food at the formal dining was good but they were too salty and we had to constantly remind our waiter to use communicate with the kitchen to use less salt.

Our stateroom is comfortable, but we could have enjoy the view more if the window was not dirty.

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