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Age: 50

Occupation:self employed

Number of Cruises: 140

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Celebrity Solstice

Sailing Date: 2011-03-17

Itinerary: Eastern carib

First I want to say that this trip on Celebrity Solstice was one of the worst cruises out of 140 that I have taken. Celebrity cruise lines has treated me unfairly by selling me a trip advertised as spa at sea on AQ Aqua class. I did not sleep for the 7 nights that I was on the ship. Still suffering several weeks later from sleep deprivation im going to give a shorter review because I'm just tired and over it now. I'm in my 40's married, take care of my elderly father full time who is very ill, (my husband stayed home to care for him..) Traveled with my 23 year old daughter who lives overseas now . Booked Aqua class cabin 1507 at an online travel site a month in advance. The cabin was sold to me as being in the bow of the ship near to the spa and relaxation areas. Included added amenities such as a robe & slippers, fruit, flowers, unlimited access to the persian gardens and dinner at Blu. When booking the cabin i checked what was above me on celebritys webite and the space was "Blank" figured it was office space or something. This was an AQ veranda cabin. Also limit of two passengers per cabin in this area. Peace..quiet..zen? Keep reading. We get on the ship and its very nice, beautiful cabin , bathroom was ingenious for a ship. Nice , though not great public areas left something to be desired for me but all I had planned for the week was rest, reading, eating and napping..maybe a show or two, and the spa of course. Living in NYC its easy to get overwhelmed by people all over the place and crowds everywhere as well as burn out. So rest was high on my list. Wasn't even going to get off in ports. First night was great, we went to dinner in Blu and walked around, used the spa facility which by the way I rate a 5 out of a 1-10 rating due to the fact that all it was were 8 heated tile beds and a shower, a steam room and sauna. Not much else. I'm going to compare this to princess cruises because its similar except for the fact that princess is much much much better in general. Here is where the problems start. Went to bed around 2 am , was watching a movie on the nice 32" TV in the room . Figured I would sleep till 10. Would of been nice since I don't get much sleep at home. So im out like a light and the beds are very cozy, and all of a sudden there is this banging from overhead. Sounding like someone was throwing weights on the floor above. Figured it would stop. Then music blasting ..figured it would stop. Put the pillow over my head and ear plugs in, hoping that there would be no ship emergency with ear plugs. But then the whole cabin was shaking. So...i put on the robe and walked to the pursers desk asking them what the heck was going on here. They said they would find out and sure enough they called later to say it was coming from the gym and the music would stop. Which it did. However, at 7 am they were doing aerobics directly above my cabin, with weights..everyday this went on. All cabins full ship at 100% that week. By day 4 I could not take it anymore and really just wanted to leave but couldn't. Went back down to complain for the 5th time and got assistant hotel Christian. He investigated it and yes after coming down and hearing it for himself..knew there was a problem. More like a flaw in the design of the ship id say. Nothing anyone could do, my week ruined basically. No napping or sleeping past 7 any day. Other then that, Blu was ok. Pretty basic food. Great breads and bread sticks. Fresh, nice service if not a bit too fussy, i liked the nursing home purees that were served on everything and i guess since the average age on this ship is between 70-90 they are on the right track. We ate one time at the crepe place had ok paninis but the crepes lacked much flavor at all. The buffer upstairs was quite good. Had Indian food that was some of the tastiest food on the ship. Also the ice cream was all homemade and awesome. Too bad you couldn't get anything to eat after 9 30 but room service. I did not eat in the MDR. However on our last night we ate at the french restaurant "Murano" and that was exceptional in every way. The foie gras was out of this world and the service Was the highlight of the trip or shall I say the saving grace. If this place was in NYC it would have at least 1 Michelin star. That being said the rest of the cruise consisted of walking around like a zombie and sleeping in the cellar masters wine bar since no one was in there most of the time. The shows were not very interesting . The cirque one was the better of them and the comedian was spot on funny but the rest were just blah. The theatre group was worked to death by celebrity in every show. Costumes and props not up to par with any cruise line but maybe Costa. But hey I didn't come here for the show. I came here to relax at the spa and rest remember? Getting back to Aqua Class. If you book it you will be wasting your money, pure and simple not worth the money. Aqua class to me was more like steerage class after the way I was treated by this staff. What did Celebrity offer me for the banging all week? 100$. Yep. For that I will say you will lose all future business of myself and my family and friends. ..and we do take a lot of cruises. Also the cabin walls themselves are like paper. Someone farts in the next room and you can hear it. But the slamming of the drawers and flushing of toilets you hear all the time. Not nice if you did want to rest forget it here. Well that's all I have to say, take it or leave it my impression of celebrity is that its boring, very old crowds (which I don't mind because they are quiet..) everything closes at 9 30, bars are empty most times, staff tired and over worked. I've got several posts up on you tube if your interested my user there is campo84748 there and you can hear for yourself the noise in the cabin and you decide if you want to risk this type of noise in your one week of supposed peace also if i can i will post it here under member videos, look for it under scampy1 . I've been on RCCL, NCL, Princess, Costa, Carnival, Windjammer, and others. No matter what ive always found ways to have the fun even though everything might not be great all the time. But when I tell you that the audacity and rudeness of this cruise line was something that none of the other cruise lines (well maybe carnival..) had. I wont be coming back and all who are reading this, do yourself a big favor and book princess. Its the same price and far superior in every way, shape and form.

Overall it was very good

Too noisy to sleep

Little or nothing going on

at those prices no thanks

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