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Mel Turner

Age: 63


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Summit

Sailing Date: April 9th, 2006

Itinerary: n/a

Celebrity Cruise Line
Summit Cruise Review

Mel Turner

First Let Us Say Reader Beware!

Celebrity is not the Cruise Line one would want to take. We certainly will not use Celebrity again.

We left NY Kennedy Airport and had a great flight into LAX. At LAX a bus was supposed to meet us to take us to the Summit.

There were plenty of passengers waiting for these buses. But no buses were to be found. We waited over 1-1/2 hours for a bus to arrive. We were told they were at the Nescar? As far as we were concerned, we do not care where they were. It is the responsibility of the Celebrity Cruise Line to have the buses at the airport to take their passengers to the ship. We paid for transportation and that included transfers to and from the airport and from the ship. People were so disgusted they were taking taxi's to the Summit.

We get to the Summit and there is another line -  close to 2000 people. Now we are standing in line waiting over 1-1/2 hours again after waiting over 1-1/2 hours for the bus. You can do the math - plenty of standing on line. We were informed the Summit was being cleaned. However, when we finally got onto the Summit we found out that it was being sterilized. Why were we not informed of the truth?? We might not have liked it but we, along with all the other passengers would have understood. Yes, they definitely had a virus as my friend had been on the cruise before us and people in her group got sick. But, tell us the truth. As far as we are concerned we were treated like yesterday's garbage. Got our money- we got ya!! Oh yes, found out there were other passengers allowed to board. If they are sterilizing the ship nobody should be allowed to board.

So we are finally on board. We were traveling with our cousins. We were supposed to have late dinner reservations. Guess you know what I am going to say next? We got late seating, and my cousins got early. Well now they have to change it. And it got changed to late and of course everything changed. We had a great waiter Oscar and a great bus boy, but the ood definitely was below par as below par as food can get. Ordered steak, and could not cut it and all we are told when we asked for steak knives is "we will have them on the next cruise". Sure - tell us anything to shut us up. We were using serrated knives, and we were sawing through the meat. Once we got a piece, it was so tough - a horse could not have chewed it.

We ate breakfast all but one day in the dining room. Of course we could not get waffles. They did not have a waffle machine in the dining room. This, no one could understand. Hot coffee one could not get until finally 2 days out at sea. If you wanted waffles, you had to go to the buffet. One morning we did go to the buffet and there was a friendly face, Oscar. It was terrible at the buffet. Again, long lines. This is not what we spent all this money for. So that took care of the buffet.

Oh yes, forgot to say in our beautiful room with a veranda, a noise kept us up for 2 nights. A very loud noise. We had people coming in and out of our room to try and fix it. First they thought it was a speed boat below our room to the side with the cover flapping. But no! Then they thought it was coming from above. Not! Then they thought it was the ceiling. Not! Finally someone came and figured it out. It was in the corner by the veranda - something that had to be tightened and the repair person had to do the same thing by the front entrance as the same noise was coming from there as well.

On one our our excursions, we had to take a tender. The person operating the tender was in training. He crashed into a buoy and then crashed full force into the dock. I can tell you the other passengers on the tender were not happy campers and my husband does not swim.

Now we get to the day of disembarkation. We are told the night before we would be delayed and we could sleep longer. We get up and go for breakfast and leave our carry-on luggage in the cabin along with our money etc. in the safe. Thousands of dollars. Also left makeup in the bathroom. No one told us we could not! After all it is still our cabin. After breakfast we come back to our cabin and the door is left opened by the chambermaid. She just made the bed and also tossed my make up in the garbage or took it with her. Make up that was not cheap. . Wow! Were we sorry we tipped her $70.00 the day before.

Okay, we go for disembarkation and guess what? We are with 2000 other passengers standing through out the ship. Not placed in any lounge to sit and wait to be called for disembarkation. We are left standing, and again in lines. My husband had me sit in the casino and wait for him. I did not see him until 45 minutes to 1 hour later. We then kept walking, but I decided I had to goes to the ladies room. Good thing I had tissues. No tissues, No paper towels in the bathroom. Totally disgusting. And they wonder why there are people getting sick. Oh yes, earlier that day we had the same tissue paper and no paper towels - very unsanitary.

We were informed by the maitre'd that they ran out of coffee and were using instant coffee. So, we finally get to the Celebrity night club - Get a number and sat down. Certainly glad to sit finally. We wait for our number to be called. It is called and we go onto the stage to the people from immigration. They take your passbook - stamp it, and never looked at our faces. This took all of 2 seconds and we were out of there. This because we had to stop from 11:00 PM to 11:59 PM in Mexico because of some stupid Jones Law which I still have to look up. Otherwise we would not have had to go through immigration. Mind you, we never got off the ship. 

Now we get our luggage which was very fast and we were lucky to get a guy with a hand truck to take our luggage out to the buses. There is where Celebrity personnel tell you which bus to go on. Celebrity personnel, after looking at, or tearing out my bus transfer to LAX, put us on a bus.

Had a great time in Hawaii but a terrible time with all the things that happened to us. The nightmare does not end. We were placed on the wrong bus and were taken to the wrong terminal, not the American Airlines terminal. The bus driver took all the luggage off and he was not very nice to us and he dumped our luggage on the side walk. This was a foreign terminal. Two other couples were also placed on the wrong bus with us. My husband asked the bus driver to please take us to American Airlines but he refused. My husband offered to pay him and he refused. So there we were with all our luggage,  (and lots of it) and my husband places it on a cart. We were lucky to have single dollars to get a cart. The luggage falls off  the cart and again he has to put in back. Now we have to walk to the American Airlines terminal which was a good 1/2 mile or more. I certainly was not a happy camper with all this going on and neither was my husband. I had a double epidural a few weeks before our dream vacation so I could withstand the flight to Los Angeles. 

Well it started in LAX as a nightmare and certainly ended there as a nightmare.

We wrote letters to Celebrity. We received back-handed apology from Celebrity but they did not answer our concerns. They also sent us $400.00 voucher to be used on a future cruise but had to be used in under a year's time. This just added insult to injury. We planned this cruise to Hawaii over year and a half in advance. We like to do research before we book a cruise and not be hasty, just to use their voucher. But Celebrity knew exactly what they were doing. Give us less than a year to book the cruise so we cannot use it.

We wrote them again and got another reply saying vouchers are pre-printed. Do they really think we are morons? They could place a credit in our name to be used in two years, but they still never satisfied us with answers to our questions.

They do not care about their passengers, just the money they get and to heck with you.I would use the other word but do not know if this would be printed. We are entitled to our opinion and they just suck you in. Giving us a $400.00 voucher with an expiration date with less than a year to book a cruise is unacceptable and insulting to us.

Maybe we would have taken a different ship with Celebrity. I cannot be 100% sure, but people on the ship were so disgusted that all one heard is Celebrity is going to get a letter. I sure hope they did write their letter or Celebrity. Otherwise, they will keep getting away with everything and more.

If we were told by anyone what they went through we never would have gone on their line and their ship the Summit. My husband wants to go on a cruise to the Panama Canal leaving from Fort Lauderdale. If anyone knows of any great cruise line and a great ship, kindly let us know.

Be on time with the buses, keep cabins doors locked, keep up with sanitary conditions on the ship, have enough supplies to last the cruise, and edible food with proper flatware. Do not have personnel learn how to steer a tender and endanger the lives of its passengers. Take passenger to their proper terminals etc.

Thank you for reading this review. We sure hope it help you. BTW: The entertainment was good on the Summit. However, the rest of the cruise, other than being in Hawaii, was a horror.


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