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Edie DiLucchio

Age: n/a


Number of Cruises: n/a

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Zenith

Sailing Date: August 25th, 2001

Itinerary: n/a

Edie DiLucchio

After months of anticipation our long awaited cruise was here.  Everything we'd read and everyone we had talked to raved about cruises.  We had heard this was the "best".  We were pleasantly surprised at the size of our outside cabin. Plenty of room for 2.  Our luggage arrived quite quickly and our cabin attendant introduced himself to us as we hurried aft to get a seat and say our good byes to Lady Liberty.  Bermuda, here we come.  Could it get any better than this?  The day was beautiful, we were two single, attractive women, and we were enroute to Bermuda.  Things went downhill from there on.  

Our late dinner seating introduced us to two very elderly woman and we were joined shortly by two more elderly woman.  The entire conversation during dinner (my potatoes were raw) was about how much they didn't like this ship, how they got such and such on this other cruise, etc.  We were trying to stay optimistic and knew that whoever sat us at this table had to be kidding.  What makes you think that two single vibrant woman want to sit with four other woman and listen to complaining all the time???  Were they doing us a favor? That night we went to a "singles" get together in the Fleet bar at the front of the ship.  All that showed up was my friend and I and another woman so drunk that she went to the ladies room and never found her way back.  Oh well, tomorrow's another day.  That night we hit rough seas and the ship was rocking and rolling all the next day until we got to Bermuda.  Food was everywhere and so were people throwing up.  $65 if you needed the ship's doctor during hours, over $100 if after hours.  What a racket.  

There were over 325 children on our trip which was booked.  Lucky us.  The parents of most figured the kids can't get into trouble and let them roam free.  They took over everything from the pools, to the dancing around the pools, to the games, to the karaoke, etc.  There was Adult karaoke from 10:15 to 11:30 and teen karaoke from 11:30 to ???  What's wrong with this picture???  

Entertainment around the pool was minimal.  Since water or coffee/tea was the only free beverage, the server's around the pool were very pushy.  At least 50 times a day, they'd ask if you wanted a drink.  Lay off guys!  Food was continuous, some good, some not so good but people didn't care.  They ate like gluttons and wasted so much.  It was a crime.  We did get our dinner table changed and sat with two couples.  One of the couples ordered two to three dinners/desserts each evening to try them.  Would they have done this if it were not included in the price and they had to pay separate for each meal?  I doubt it.  People become crazy when they see a lot of food.  I found the people on this cruise to be very unfriendly.  You could walk by someone in the hallways and say hello and no one would answer.  I found the cabin attendants to be mediocre as I had to ask for a lot of things.  Everybody is looking for a handout. 

I found Bermuda to be very very hot and hilly, definitely not for someone with trouble walking and Hamilton very very expensive.  Horseshoe bay is pretty, but there is no shade anywhere.  In short, cruises like this are for families.  Maybe also the elderly if they don't have trouble walking.  (It is very difficult to get in and out of the pools which only have step ladders).  Entertainment, atmosphere, etc. is not conducive to active alive single people.  This was our first cruise and for me, my last.

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