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Mike Cohen

Age: 30


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Celebrity

Ship: Zenith

Sailing Date: June 22nd, 2002

Itinerary: BermudaHaving

never taken a cruise before, we were very excited. We sailed out of New York City, which was like being European Immigrants in reverse.

Checkin at the ship took all of 15 minutes. We were in our room in no time, and called our parents via cel from as far out as the Verrazzano Bridge.

As we passed Ground Zero everyone was busy snapping photos of...well...nothing.
Then past the Statue of Liberty, and out to sea.

Our first stop was the lunch buffet. The only drawback of the lunch buffet is sometimes you cannot find a table. Although I sometimes would take my tray outside, as there were often tables in the outdoor pool area.

We actually went to the Martini Bar, and sampled some martini drinks while we were steaming out of the harbor.

That night we learned what happens when you get a room near the back of the ship on the lowest passenger level- The Engine noise kept us up much of the night.

The next day at sea we went to the casino for a while, went to a flower-arranging demonstration, which never happened, but we talked with a woman from Bermuda for a while. She was taking the cruise with her family, but planning to go to work the days we were in Bermuda.

The dinners were great, some of the best food we've had. We learned a few days later that you can order in the main dining room anything that is on the menu in the casual dining room as well. So we all had shrimp cocktail every night!!

Also on the day at sea, my wife had a facial and I splurged for a massage. Of course they take advantage of your relaxed state and sell you massage oils and face creams you will never use.

On our reservation we were asked if it was a special occasion. We said our 5th anniversary, since it was later that Summer. One night after dinner, the waiter and assistant waiter brought us a cake with a candle, sang Happy Anniversary, and then the waiter held a napkin in front of our faces and in his accent said "Kiss..Kiss!" It was very goofy.

In Hamilton, we went straight to Marks and Spencer, the English food and clothing store. Since my wife is from England, she felt a little closer to home. She bought a case of Prawn Cocktail crisps, which apparently are yummy.

Then we found a hardware store and purchased a small electric fan, since the cabin was a bit stuffy.

We did several excursions. One was an island tour via bus, which included the Aquarium, Botanical Gardens and the Crystal Caves. A very good value and good way to see many of the sights Bermuda is known for.

We also did the Glass-Bottom Boat Snorkeling tour. They took us all they way out past the docklands to a nice snorkeling spot.

The next day we took a catamaran snorkeling trip was was great fun, and a nice relaxing sail back in the afternoon. We laid on the deck and snoozed while we sailed. If you stand up on one of those catamarans with the sails up, watch out for the boom. Missed me by that much!

Each night they had a midnight buffet which was full of ornately carved fruit and pastries and lots of food.

I am a thin person, but I love to eat and I never seem to gain weight. Well on this cruise I gained about 5 pounds, which means I had to have eaten a LOT! You can eat approximately 37 times each day. The afternoon tea is great, as well as the breakfast buffet.

In St. George we were scheduled to go Helmet Diving. I mixed up the time, and we missed it. They had only one slot in the afternoon, so I went, as my wife is a better snorkeler and saw lots of fish already.

The helmet diving is a bit scary at first, especially when the 40 pound helmet pushes you down the ladder to the ocean floor. But really cool.

However, a friend who scuba dives said helmet diving is very dangerous. If you fall over and water gets into the helmet, you are screwed. Luckily everyone survived!

We bought some nice watercolor prints from a shop right near the docks, as well as the usual t-shirts and other items, and some nice glass fish.

Overall a great trip. The ride home was a wicked rough. Most of Friday we stayed in the room. Definitely get the scopolamine patch if you get at all seasick. It helps.

That being said, the Aerosmith Roller Coaster at Disney made me ten times sicker than the cruise, so you be the judge!

We are now planning a new cruise for this year.People make fun of me for taking so many photos, but here are all of them:
Enjoy your cruise.

PS - We did give the tips to all but the wine steward, as we did not have wine, and the assistant cabin boy as we did not see him or her.

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