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Age: 29

Occupation:network engineer

Number of Cruises: 8

Cruise Line: Costa

Ship: Costa Magica

Sailing Date: n/a

Itinerary: Western Mediterranean

Costa Cruise lines - Magica was a terrible disappointment. I had read a lot of reports the food was bad on Costa lines. I got scared when the first day our cruise director warned us the food wouldn’t be what we would expect, as we are not familiar with European food. Personally I’ve been to Europe numerous times, and while I am always happy to come home to American food, I’ve always found plenty of food to keep me happy. None-the-less, being someone who can be content on a single food for the week, I wasn’t concerned. Additionally, I don’t go on cruises for the food, so it really didn’t phase me. Did I ever learn my lesson. The food was so bad, everything from burnt, dry chicken, to disgusting fish, even the French toast was awful. To make it worse, the second day we all got food poisoning from dinner. Do NOT underestimate how TERRIBLE food can deteriorate your experience.

The ship itself was quite boring, it reminded me of the very first Carnival ship I went 15 years ago that was decommissioned that year, only not quite as fancy. The dining room looked like a cheap café with chairs that had the same fabric my father’s VW bug had for curtains. While there are 11 bars, most are just big hallways with a dance floor …i.e. constant traffic. Don’t plan on spending more the five minutes at the gift shops. Beyond that… besides a Casino… there really isn’t much else on the ship. There wasn’t a single place on the ship that felt elegant, or romantic. DON’T go on this ship if you are looking for a high quality relaxing piano bar. (They did have one, but it was in the center of the busiest part of the ship, and the piano player, that sang, was quite awful). As a matter of fact, almost all of the artists in all of the bars were quite awful. We attempted several nights to relax in a variety of bars, but ended up retiring early after severe frustration.

Nobody dresses up. Formal night… many people wear jeans and shorts. Not that you fell comfortable in a Tux sitting in the incredibly cheap atmosphere of the ship.

Entertainment was actually OK. If it weren’t for the incredibly rude Italians constantly getting up in front of you and standing, I would say the entertainment was almost good several nights, as long as you are open to opera and a few other Italian forms of entertainment.

As with many ships… good luck finding a chair by the pool.

The people on the ship (Italians) are incredibly rude. Woman would quite literally push you out of the way to get to the elevator first, to get to the buffet first, or just to get in front of you. The men would belch, pick their noses, and undress in public.

Service was not any where near the standard of even Carnival (let alone Royal Caribbean). Getting a glass of water at the beginning of a meal would take about three or four requests and thirty minutes of wasted of time. Don’t even think about asking for a refill (we ended up bring water with us). Usually you would have to flag about three people down before someone would finally take your order.

Don’t expect any towel animals or anything special in your room… while the rooms are nice (quite big actually)… there’s no special attention given to guests.

The interesting thing about this ship was the way they board the ship. Passengers embark and disembark at almost every stop… which means its relatively fast to get on and off. It also means that unless you get on at the stop with the most people (Palermos, if I recall)… the ship caters its welcoming events to them. We actually had our emergency life vest demonstration the day before we got off, right after the welcome party for the English speaking guests…

Nobody speaks English. Don’t plan on going on this cruise and meeting anyone, unless you know Italian or Spanish. There were about 50 people in total that spoke English.

I’m sure there are plenty more bad things to say about Costa, but if I haven’t convinced you now not to go, then nothing can.

The itinerary was very nice… just don’t even THINK about letting Costa take you through it.

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