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Age: 50


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Costa

Ship: Costa Magica

Sailing Date: February 28th, 2007

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

As a first time cruiser I was totally open as to what to expect I had no pre-conceived notions as to what a cruise vacation would be like. The flight portion was fine no delays kudos to Sky Service I know they take a lot of heat sometimes but you get what you pay for and in this case the service was very good. On arrival in Florida we were met by a Sun quest agent and this went very smooth, she directed us to the shuttle area and we got loaded on the bus and headed to the port we were one of the first groups to arrive at the port and there was virtually no wait at all it was all of 10-15 minutes and we were on the ship having a cold one.

The ship was very nice but as some have said the decor may not be to everyone tastes having said that the ship was very clean. Our stateroom was a very nice I was pleasantly surprised it was spacious and well laid out with plenty of space for clothing.

I found getting around the ship a little confusing and as others have stated deck 5 is the only deck that allows you to go from bow to stern.

The entertainment on the ship was very good Max and his staff did a great job.

The dining room was very nice but I would have to say the food was not great this is not to say it was bad lets just say it could have been better.

The food in my opinion was much better in the buffet. The only real complaint I have was some of the people on the ship were very rude all the same nationality I lost count of the number of times people jumped the line at the buffet on one occasion my wife and I were having a coffee and a smoke on one the upper decks and this guy same nationality again just comes over to our table and grabs the ashtray and walks away I say excuse me we were using that he ignored me I had to grab it back off him when he sat down and then he just smerks this happened a few times and it was annoying.

Another time I was walking down a staircase and 3 people decided to stop and have conversation same nationality again that is fine I say excuse me twice and again a third time in their native tongue and they just ignored me refusing to move I finally had to push my way through and they didn't seem to mind this perhaps where they come from this is common.

We booked 3 shore excursions the beach excursion in Cancun was a waste of money unless you find a crowed muddy water beach appealing. The kayak snorkel excursion in Grand Cayman was not organized very well at all and was a waste of time and money. The snorkel and stingray adventure on Turks and Caicos was a lot of fun being able to touch a stingray and have them come right up to you was a blast.

We also had a good time in Ocho Rios I had my doubts about Ocho Rios as I had read so many negative reviews but the wife and I had a great time shopping and we spent sometime at Jimmy Buffets they have good food and a nice little beach all in all we loved Ocho Rios we found the people to be very nice.

All in all it was not a bad vacation but I don't know if I would go on another cruise unless of course the boss insisted.
In closing I would just like to say the people who work on the ship who were mainly from the Philippines were fantastic they work for peanuts and in our case they went out of there way to be courteous and helpful.


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