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Age: 23


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Costa

Ship: Costa Magica

Sailing Date: 2011-01-8

Itinerary: Western Mediterreanean

Overall: Let start off by saying this is my first cruise ever and I now believe it is the only way to go! Secondly, I would like to say that some of these people that have written comments about this ship are ridiculous! #1 Its an ITALIAN Cruise line so don't be surprised when the crew and activities are in ITALIAN!!!!! (What? OMG no way!?) But every crew member speaks at least some English and most likely a few other languages as well. Every activity is in 5 languages (Italian, Spanish, French, German and English) and if the announcement isn't in your language you don't need to know. I Speak a little Spanish and Italian but I had no need to even use it. If you never wanted to leave the ship on the excursions you could still have a full day planned with all the awesome activities- some may not be to your taste...that's why there is a Casino, Disco, Pools and Hot tubs along with countless bars and restaurants. I was blown away by everything. If you couldn't tell I loved the Costa Magica.

Food: The food was fantastic. Again, don't let the Americans with no taste or taste for variety fool you. Each night there was a 7 course meal you could go to (with one night being the Captain's Gala-very formal) and I was blown away. The staff was working there tails off and you could tell. The result was amazing. I've tried so many new things on the ship. Some things were to my tastes...some were not but it was my choice weather to order something or not. They also have the choice of hamburgers and fries for those who are not as experimental as I am. As for the Buffet, delicious. They had foods from all around the world and the German food day was probably my favorite. Many people were complaining that the buffet didn't run 24/7, well I'm sorry it only ran 20/7 with a special surprise every night at midnight for all those who like to stay out late and get a little hungry. Every night I tried NOT to stuff myself and I'm happy to say I failed miserably. :)

Rooms: They were wonderful. Much bigger than I expected. I was on floor 2 so I just had a window, but it was a big window. I never felt like enclosed. I also made friends with someone on the 9th floor and they had a personal balcony off their room for those who need to be able to step outside for some fresh air. As for the service in the room: they were so clean. Our steward cleaned/tidied our room twice a day, making sure to have our beds made and itinerary and news letters neatly placed so that we could plan our next adventure. He was always around but never overbearing. He knew us by name and would always ask us how or excursions were. We felt as though he cared :) Yes, the room decor was hotel-ish and not what i would have picked for my bedroom, but we werent in MY bedroom. It was much like any hotel decor. One final note, there was one "American" plug which was really nice. Not having to use a converter or worry about frying any of our electronics was an unexpected plus.

Activities: GO TO THE SHOWS! Ok, so the only word that sums up the shows are WOW! Ive been to many musicals and plays and even went to London to study a theater course and I was blown away by the performances on the Magica. They may not have been Broadway but the costuming, stage designs, and sets were amazing. How they stored all that on the ship I will never know. For what I expected to find on the ship for the shows I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. There were some shows that far out shined others but overall great! Do some of the activities! You're there to have fun so go out and do it! I learned 7 different styles of ballroom dancing, played tons of trivia games and participated in a few of the contests! Like I previously stated, this is an Italian cruise line and that comes first so when you are doing the activities be patient and wait for English and by the end of the trip, who knows you may just have picked up a little Italian to impress your friends :)

Excursions: For most of the ports we stopped at my family and I decided that we would to the local Sightseeing Bus Tours; however, for the Marseille and Savona Stops we decided to take the Costa excursions. While the Sightseeing buses were great for a few of the cities my two favorite stops where the ones where we took Costa Tours. The upsides for taking the Costa tours are that you can really focus on a couple of aspects of the city, certain stops or themes, and the quality of the information is a thousand times better than on the bus tours. The down side is that they are expensive. This is where Costa makes part of their money, but don't let that deter you. If you only do one Costa excursion take the one to Monaco. While I'm sure Savona is a beautiful city we took the bus to Monaco and got to see all the amazing places in Monaco and we got to go to Monte Carlo. The excursions are great but walking around and interacting with the city is also fantastic,so its up to what you want to do.

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