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Susan Spitulski

Age: 31

Occupation:Business Owner

Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Costa

Ship: Costa Mediterranea

Sailing Date: March 20th, 2005

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

This was not just a family vacation, this was also our wedding. When we arrived at the terminal at10:30am, like instructed by the wedding planners at Costa. My future husband and friends has to load our own luggage on to the racks because no one was there to do it. Yes thats right there were no porters. I asked 6 different people where the wedding coordinator was. Out of the 6 people, 5 of them did not even know that there was a wedding coordinator. Finally at 12:30 we were taken to our suite. Now mind you a am getting married at 1pm.At this time, I still have not met the WC (wedding coordinator) At 12:50 a person knocks on my door and says she is here to marry me. As I invite her into my room, she tells me that the WC was in an accident and the ship just called her 20 minutes ago. But, no one thought to tell the bride and her party. If someone had spoken up I would have been more sympatric. From here the trip really went down hill. Around 1:30pm we were finally married. After the ceremony we had our cake cutting and toast. Then we went for pictures, the 1 1/2 hour of pictures only 24 salvageable. The pictures were all over exposed. And all anyone could say is WE ARE SORRY!! This is a phrase I never want to hear again.

Now, lets get to the cruise experience. My family booked a suite. The room was beautiful just like the rest of the boat. Being that we just got married I had purchased the honeymoon package. This included sparkling wine. That sat in the bucket without ice for 2 days. Its not that we did not ask for ice, it just was never brought. The water picture was not filled daily, and then there was the fact of running out of toilet paper and having to chase down the Stewart to get more. Even after he had cleaned the room. With is suite, we were to have a butler. The only thing that she managed to do was bring fruit once a day. My favorite part of the terrible room service was the fact that on Saturday afternoon the room stewart locked out mini bar, which had my infant son's juice in it. Now they did leave the juice out one the counter for me. I should be thankful for that I guess.

The dinning room experience was not any better. We asked to be sat with our wedding party traveling with us, well that is not happen. I asked for a high chair for my infany son 3 times before I got up and got one from another table. My husband asked for food that we never got. The wait staff was terrible. When pouring wine they just leaned over you and splashed wine every where.

Ocho Rios was a beautiful place and we had a wonderful time. Grand Cayman on the other hand was not. The ship was to be in port from 2pm till 7pm. we went down to get off the ship and were given a number. By the time our number was called it was 5:30pm. by the time the fairy got us to the island the stores were closing. This was just another disappointment.

The last stop of our trip was Cozumel. This was the best day by far. We went in to the town with a purpose. There was a bottle of Tequila that we were looking for. While going through the stores we found a store owned by Alvaro Santiago and he had the bottle we were looking for. We ended up buying a case of flavored tequilas from him. Time passed , we went back to the ship. Turned our case of tequila in and went up to our suite. The last night of the cruise and a 7:30pm I am asking my room Stewart where my tequila is, he says he will check. I come back to my room and fine a note to call the front desk. I go down to the front desk. Guess what, they cannot find my tequila. Twenty minutes later they say they found my tequila and they are bring it to me. As we wait, the head ow housekeeping comes with an open box. Yes, that's right the case of tequila was opened and 2 bottles were half drank. All of our bottles were hand signed by the owner of the company and all the cards were gone. The only thing that the staff has to say is fill a comment card and WE ARE SORRY!!.

We filled out a damage report and to this day we have not heard anything from the cruise line.
Now I am at the end of my trip. We finally get off the boat and go to get our luggage and the icig on the cake happens. The brand new luggage that I just bought for this cruise is broken. Two of the pieces the wheels were broke off. Guess what they told me to do. Fill out a comment card and WE ARE SORRY.

Out of all the trips I have taken, this was the worst experience I have ever had. The half drank tequila issue, which lasted about 4 hours. That's 4 hours worth of arguing with the staff about what they should do about the problem. The terrible staff, waiters, and room stewarts. If I can help anyone with their choice I would not recommend this cruise line.

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