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Chris Frame

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Number of Cruises: n/a

Cruise Line: Cunard

Ship: Queen Elizabeth 2

Sailing Date: n/a

Itinerary: UNKNOWN

Cunard's QE2 thru the Panama Canal

I met the QE2 when we were in a taxi driving up to the Miami docks with my parents and sister.

First impressions do last! She was magnificent!

We had to go to the Taxi stop outside the docks, and when we get out of the taxi I ran to the Dockside Windows and looked out.

I saw this enormous wall of freshly painted navy blue steel Rise up in front of me.

We checked in our luggage and went to a nearby cafe for lunch; the view of cause was QE2 because she is so big she takes up most of the view at Miami's waterfront.

At about 2:00 we were called to board and the magic begun.

Entering the Mid-Ships Lobby, with the Wood walls, sunken lounge, murals of the Cunard History and the soft music from the harp player greeted us. Another first impression that would last forever.

We were greeted by a crewmember, Good Afternoon Sir.  My name is Joel; may I please take your luggage?

He took us to our cabins 5149 and 5145

The Cabins were great, good size and nice deco.

We settled into the cabins and then found our way to the Pursers office as I had a letter for Captain Warwick. Finding your way around the QE2 is an experience in its self.  There are so many lifts, corridors and stairways. We then went around the ship, ending up in our restaurant the Mauretania 

The Restaurant manageress new who we were before we even said our names.  I said. 'Hello we are at table 514' and she said 'It's this way Mr. Frame.'

That was just a little thing that makes you feel at home on the Queen.

Captain Warwick received my letter, and 2 days later I was on the QE2's bridge, a privilege usually reserved to Royalty or V.I.P's

I spent my time taking advantage of all the activities, and enjoying the food… Which was absolutely brilliant! The entrees were massive and the main courses were better then anything found on land, in any city, and I have been to over 25 of them. 

A dessert, on QE2 is UN-describable. They are perfect sizes and all are decorated with icing flowers or chocolate swirls and sauce patterns.

I had a birthday on the ship and they made me a cake in the shape of my name and it had sparklers and candles. Our waiters, Glenn and Huffed, even got the restaurant to sing happy birthday to me.

The Queen is a great ship with a great crew. She is not a ship for the party hard loud mouthed sort, but for people who want to be pampered, looked after and enjoy the luxury of that by gone age of ocean liner travel then QE2 is the ship for you, and she has a good amount of party's in the Yacht Club and Club 2000 I might add!  She is not a new ship, and that's what makes her so good, she has had 30 years in service so the Cunard line know what people want, and that's what you get.

The people at Club 2000 went out of their way to make sure my 13 year old sister and I had the time of our lives playing the Arcade games whilst listening to the top songs. The Pavilion restaurant was great. Pavilion is like a burger take away restaurant on the ships and they make the best Beef burger you have even tasted!

The cruise came to an end all too quickly, and on a very say day we had to get off and fly back home. But we have been on her again since then, and again, it was perfect. If you are thinking of going on a cruise, QE2 is the way to go here's to another 30 years of QE2.

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