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Dillon Flaherty

Age: 53

Occupation:transportation, heavy rail manager

Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Magic

Sailing Date: September 28th, 2005

Itinerary: Castaway Cay

This was our 4th cruise with the Disney Cruise Line, which in itself is a statement of our prior experiences with DCL. While most think people think Disney as a family experience with lot's of children running wild, this is not the case. The children actually disappear. We have never witnessed a tantrum on board, or seen an embarrassing drunk. There are plenty of adult only areas, which are strictly enforced, and an equal amount of children areas, or family areas only.

You will pay a premium to go with Disney, on either ship, but before you book a cruise, check the times at port's of call. See where you will actually dock at. The Disney ships are generally first to dock, and last to leave each port of call. And the Disney ships get the premium parking space{dock}. Disney ships are able to do this because they are 3 to 5 knots {MPH} faster then the industry standard. As an example, at Grand Cayman,

The Disney Magic was anchored closest to the shoreline, and if you wanted to go to shore were shuttled in by local ferry boats, as opposed to life boat transfers, as used by other lines that were anchored further out. Some say no big deal as for any of these convinces, but just think of how good you feel when your 1st in line.

Category 6, is just wonderful, and large by industry standards. It has a full sized veranda, that offer's wonderful vista's 24 hours a day. Another feature rarely mentioned is the divided bathroom facilities. Check out the room lay-outs, and see for yourself! A nice private feature. As far as all of our services, the food, the wait staff, and stateroom personnel, all have been exceptional. Both ships, having been on both, are so well maintained, that each cruise seems like a Maiden voyage. These ships are clean and kept!

Embarking, and disembarking at Disney's own terminal are so smooth, and easy. It's a little more expensive than most lines doing the same port's of call, but Disney delivers. There really is something for everyone on board a Disney Cruise, and it's the Disney tradition, of giving you a vacation experience of a lifetime. I don't get to surf on board, and I don't get rock climb on-board, and there's no mini golf. I can't gamble on-board either.

And I can't ice skate either on board. These features that other lines provide, are just like make-up! They have to make up for what they lack. And finally Castaway Cay, Disney's own island, is yours for a day. You have to experience it, to understand it's all Disney. And by the way we have re-booked to take our 5 cruise in 4 years, with DCL. Enough said. Dillon

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