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Age: 45

Occupation:Restauranteur and chef

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Magic

Sailing Date: 2011-01-16

Itinerary: Cayman

Well I researched the NET and of course Disney is the best according to everyone out there so I booked my first trip for my Wife and three kids - 10, 11, and 14yrs. Now before I rant I will say that the kids loved it and want to go back tomorrow, we had no issues with the kids programs and we are glad we went for them. As for our experience, I will never do this again with Disney. Understand that we may seem as a one off unlucky family but the truth can be summed up in this explanation - the Disney Dream was launched the day we left port canaviral on the Magic and for the entire cruise you could tell Disney had pulled all their best staff from Magic to fill the Dream. I suspect for training reasons as well as to maintain first impressions of their new flagship. Without sounding bitter I will sumerize or highlight if you will only some of what we went through;

not happy with canned fruits and premade junk food

cramped and engine noisy!!!! Ok it was on the second deck so expected but my trip ended at a grand total of $15, 000 for 5 of us so I think I have every right to bitch

ok - the characters were fun and made you feel like a kid and made kids feel giddy

Stay away - in Cozumel a man tried three times to pick up my 14 year old daughter even going so far as to ask me if I would take a picture of him with her and exchange facebook account info

Bartenders who do not know how to make a singapore sling, did not have a book to refer to and when asking coworkers got a blank stare; at their top notch restaurant Paolo it took three attempts to cook the lamb medium rare and still they never got it right, well-done, then medium then raw even the maitre-d was emberrassed, no compinsation was made instead they blamed it on the fact that the food was cooked to order; the water according to the internet reviews is drink ready but yuck with some sort on non-chlorinaded flavour that you are forced to buy bottled and an outrageous price unless you are willing to walk to the one free tap on deck 9; fountains I tried were out of order; three days of miserable cold and rainy weather had the boat hitting 10 - 14 foot waves with a constant leg pounding shutter each time the boat was tossed up and landed back down on the water, this made it hard to sleep and a great number of ppl were kept in their cabins with illness as a result, no compinsation was offered and when swimming with dolphins was up we were not offered a refund so we had to stand 20 min in our bathing suits in the freezing down pour waiting for the go ahead to get in the water which would have been warmer, the kids were turning blue and none seemed to care we were cold all they wanted from us were smiling pics to sell back to us for a rediculous $25 per, ok granted this was not a Disney run excursion but Disney should have stepped up to the plate and offered us to cancel with a refund I mean the weather was so bad glasses on board the ship were falling off shelves and smashing to the ground; our waiter team concisted of a three year veteran and an assistant who was on board for the first time, he was our wine steward, we had to beg him to open our bottle of wine by the end of our appetizers as he had forgotten to do so when he brought us the wine, he also left us with no drinks on many other occasions right through until we were on our main course; on pirate night a staff member was unloading pirate gear for sale onto a table whne i approached to inquire as to what was going on she was very rude and made us feel as though we were bothering her; at customer service when we tried to complain we were met with blank stares and fumbling of words as they did not know what to do or where to direct us; there is only so much disney tv we can take, if the ship is going to coardin off all the pools and hot tubs and tie down the lounge chairs during sea days do to weather then for godsake give me movies or shows to watch other then the repeated christmas movies that were played on the incabin tv - we are mid-january and we are fed 24/7 four disney christmas movies: the with the cranks...a christmas story...and elf oh and eat,pray,love and the spiderwick chronicles played 24/7 as well outside of these choices we had how to shop disney style and how to dissembarc ensuring you return your pagers which are not even offered anymore as Disney has modernized to stateroom cell-style phones; we had ordered cookies from room service after hearing that they were simply to die for as they arrive hot and fresh from the oven - not the case with us we received them hard and cold; the food is pre-prepped from cans - we saw at breakfast jars of precut grapefruit, peaches, oranges,mellon and so on being poured into the buffet table which ment we only had apples and bananas as fresh fruit to eat.

Ok I think that is enough and yes there is more but you get the picture. I hope Disney wakes up and understands that by leaving the most senior staff at 3 years miggled with a high percentage of newbies is totally wrong, they lost us as repeat customers

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