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Lucy Brogers

Age: 43


Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Magic

Sailing Date: 2011-02-27

Itinerary: Bahamas

Cruised on the all-new Disney Dream, and was not very impressed. For what we paid, it was not worth it. We have two small children 5 and 2. We booked the cruise a year in advance, and even though we called throughout the year and supposedly put on a wait list for early seating, we were scheduled for an 8:30 PM dinner. This was a bad idea, because my kids are IN BED at 8:30 PM. The day we boarded, I went to the lounge to change our seating, as was mentioned on the daily cruise brochure, and the maitre d told me that I was going to be put on a wait list. When I told him that I had been on one since May, he told me that they knew nothing of this wait list that I was speaking about. Annoyance #1. So, the only way that they were able to accommodate us was for us to show up to our dining room at around 6:30 after early seating started, which we did every evening.

The food was nothing to write home about. It was fine. I have been on other cruise lines where the food was spectacular. Kids food? If your kids ONLY eat hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, chicken nuggets and mac and cheese 24/7, this is the cruise for you. This is ALL they served on kids menus, and it didn't matter where you were on the ship. In-between meals, they didn't have any snacks etc. Maybe I am a snob, but my kids eat healthy. It was very difficult to find food that they would eat (i.e. carrots, sliced apples, grapes, chicken, salad) at any hour of the day, and i was disappointed in that. Also, juice would have been a better option than soda pop, but it was either milk or soda pop. The lack of choice killed me. In the dining room, I asked for apple juice in the AM for my 2 year old. They brought it in a glass. Yes, a glass. I asked for a paper cup with a straw, and the server seemed annoyed at my request. Considering kids are their market, they have no clue. The last evening, I asked for the dinner server to bring my son a chicken breast with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes (things I knew he would eat, but that were on the adult menu). He looked at me and said "those are on the adult menu". I said "that's right, and that is what I would like for you to bring for him to eat. He doesn't like all of the crap you are serving kids on this ship". It was the first day that my son ate on the ship. I was worried because he was not eating anything but the ice cream at the pool.

Stateroom was nice, but having been only the 5th or so cruise on this ship, a lot of the furniture was already beat up in our room. Makes me wonder if they moved furniture from another boat to this new ship?

Didn't participate in many other than the pool (Mickey pool WAY overcrowded...and the child spray area is not even in the sun and hated it and it was boring). We also played putt putt on the 13th deck once we learned it was there. Character appearances were fun for the kids. The kids club was nice, but my son is very shy and only went in once. The band the kids have to wear for it is awkward and ridiculous. I saw kids crying once they learned they had to wear it throughout the cruise. We reserved 2 hours of nursery time before our cruise and thank goodness I stopped in the nursery when we got on ship. ends up all reservations got wiped out of their system before we departed! There were some really upset parents.

The Nassau Beach Day is a HUGE waste of money. The resort was overcrowded and the food was horrible that they allowed cruisers to eat.

My kids enjoyed the trip. I think that disney does a nice job entertaining kids. I have been on much nicer cruises, though.

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